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The Facts About Online Casino MasterCard Payments

Making online casino MasterCard payments shouldn’t be a complicated process. The good news is that at our top most recommended real money online casinos, SA players can deposit and withdraw using an online casino MasterCard payment option without any trouble.

You might be wondering why there would even be any problems for South Africans using casino online MasterCard payments and that’s understandable. After all, MasterCard is amongst the planet’s most trusted brands for real cash transactions both online and in the real, physical world. The thing is that the reality of the situation is that even big names like PayPal sometimes refuse to handle real money gambling payments in particular countries. South Africa is one such country where depositing real money for online gambling via PayPal is not allowed.

With all that in mind it’s hardly surprising that online casino MasterCard deposits are so popular!

  • Use your existing MasterCard credit or debit card to make deposits
  • Safe, secure, trusted and reliable
  • No need for 3rd party payment transfer services like PayPal

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Mastercard Casinos

The Best Real Money Payment Options

When we compile our industry-trusted lists of the best casinos, one of the main things we look into is the range of real cash deposit options on offer.

Whether you can complete casino online MasterCard payments plays a big role in deciding if a casino really is one of the top sites out there. That’s because in South Africa, MasterCard is a familiar brand and a large percentage of the population already has one.

It’s not just all about an online casino’s MasterCard options though, it’s about the entire range of real money deposit methods a casino offers. Choice is crucial here because as any ZA player knows, it’s always good to have some flexibility when it comes to funding your account.

When you do choose to use the casino online MasterCard method, all your online casino South Africa MasterCard payments will be handled securely and swiftly. That means less time waiting and worrying, and more time enjoying real money gambling in SA.

With an established product like MasterCard you get reliable casino banking every time.

Do Online Casino MasterCard Payments Work?

The answer to this is yes. South African’s using an online casino’s MasterCard transaction option will find that the MasterCard payments work every single time.

As we mentioned briefly, PayPal is not accepted at any online casino South Africa. MasterCard is however guaranteed to work, as long as you have real cash in your balance of course!

Mastercard Casinos

Top Real Money Casinos In South Africa

If you want to play online and fund your account using an online casino’s MasterCard payment option, you’ve come to the right place!

We searched through hundreds of the best real money Internet casinos to find you the top ones that not only offer everything you’d expect to see at a top notch casino but also, casino online MasterCard transactions too.

Once we’d established that a real cash casino did offer MasterCard payments, we then looked into the other important factors that create the best casinos. That means we researched the game offerings at each SA site, the real money Welcome Bonuses players get and of course, the size of the jackpots on the site.

After we’d looked into every single element of an online casino’s MasterCard payment process and at the features of each site, we then ranked them. That’s how we came up with our list of the best South African online casinos!

Now we’ve done all the boring work for you, all that’s left for you to do is head on over to an online casino. MasterCard payments work 24/7, so whatever the time is right now, you’re just a few clicks away from real cash gambling fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does MasterCard allow online casino payments?

    Yes, cards from MasterCard can easily be used as a way to make payments to and from casinos on the internet.

  • Is it widely accepted?

    It is safe to say that MasterCard is one of the most popular payment methods on the internet and it is accepted at almost every respectable website.

  • How fast are the transactions?

    Transactions through MasterCard are generally processed instantly.

  • Is it safe to use?

    It is very safe to use as long as the page where you are entering the card information is secure. This can be done by looking at the address bar to see if it is verified.

  • What fees are involved?

    Fees for using MasterCard can occur when cashing out from an ATM owned by another bank than the one that issued the card. There are however no fees taken by online casinos when making deposits.

  • How does it compare with other credit cards?

    The popularity of MasterCard and the fact that it is so widely accepted make it very convenient to use when compared to other, smaller credit card issuers.

  • Is there a benefit to using credit cards?

    Credit cards come with many advantages and one of the biggest ones is that they come with a higher level of security. If the card information is stolen, the owner can deny payments which were made illegally and thus avoid major loss.