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Online Gambling In SA

Never played at an online casino? Online gambling is one of the fastest growing leisure activities in the world and it’s no wonder considering you can have fun and win real money wherever you are. That’s true even if you’re in South Africa too because SA players have got access to some of the best casino online gambling games on the planet.

We get that looking through all the online casino South Africa online gambling options on the entire Internet is a daunting task, especially when you’re new to real money betting on the web. That’s exactly why we’ve created a reliable list of the top online casino online gambling destinations for South Africans. With our easy to use rundown of the best online casinos, online gambling fans will know before they’ve even reached a site that they’re getting the highest quality experience out there.

  • Excellent range of high quality online casinos available
  • Play your favourite casino games, from roulette to baccarat to poker and everything in between
  • Safe and secure online casinos with a range of easy options to deposit

What’s so Great about Online Gambling?

Online casinos don't suffer the limitations of land-based venues. It's a world where anything is possible.

Live gambling will always hold a special place in any real cash betting enthusiast’s heart but thanks to online casinos, online gambling gives you 24/7 access to that winning rush!

There are loads of reasons why online casino gambling has some advantages over the live version. Here are a few of the benefits of playing online casino South Africa gambling games:

Better Payouts

Yes it’s true, online casino gambling payout rates are much better than they are at land based casinos. On real cash games, the best online casino gambling sites pay out at least 97%.

Open All Hours

South African casino online gambling sites don’t close when the government says they have to. They’re open to real money betting all day, every day.

Online Gambling

Bigger Jackpots

At most of the top online casinos, online gambling by other players helps to fund massive progressive jackpots. These huge real cash jackpot prizes are bigger online because there are more people playing at international casino online gambling sites than at any land based one.

Guaranteed Fairness

Online casino South Africa gambling websites are monitored and inspected by regulatory bodies from around the world. These regulators keep an eye on online casinos and the software each top casino uses. That means that you can be confident that when you log on to a site from our list of the best online casinos, online gambling there will be fair.

Live Casinos Vs Online Casinos

We’ve talked a little bit about the benefits of playing online at regulated sites and the great payout rates you can get on the Internet but now lets take a look at how the two most popular forms of real cash betting are different from each other:

Range Of Games

South African land based casinos are limited on how many real money games they can offer because of one obvious thing; space. Unlike live casinos, casino online gambling websites have unlimited space and that means the top sites bring you every type of game under the sun.

Just Rewards

Online gambling sites have way better reward systems for real cash players too. That’s because the best Internet casinos have much lower running costs than land based ones. For online casinos online gambling fans in SA, that’s good news because it means the top sites can afford to be more generous with what they reward you with.

Productive Promotions

When it comes to casino online gambling, South African players will be pleased to know they can pick up loads of real money rewards just by playing the games they love. Of course land based casinos also run promotions to keep real cash players happy but the difference between those and the ones at online casino South Africa online gambling sites is that the online promotions are much more lucrative.

The casino websites will offer SA players bigger prizes and promotions that are much more frequent then they would be at real money live casinos.

Get into Casino Online Gambling Now

Now that you’ve seen all the upsides to playing for real money with online casino South Africa online gambling websites, all you have to do is choose a site to play at and head right over!

Online Gambling

10 Reasons why Casino Online Gambling is the Best

  1. More game choice
  2. Bigger Jackpots
  3. Better loyalty rewards
  4. More generous promotions
  5. Regulated for fairness
  6. Easy to access
  7. Real money or just-for-fun games
  8. Detailed ‘How To Play’ information
  9. Casino tournaments with people in SA and around the world
  10. Easy payouts
  11. Easy payouts

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is online gambling legal in South Africa?

    As of 2011, online gambling in South Africa is legal and the only regulations that would make things seem a bit unclear are actually aimed at land-based operators which are not allowed to simply go online with their products without proper licensing. For anything else, South African players can safely enjoy a variety of games at top casino brands.

  • How is it regulated?

    The National Gaming Board is in charge of regulating casinos in SA but this is just the main authority in the country. Online casinos are also regulated by third parties that make sure the games are fair and they are also constantly being verified under other licensing jurisdictions.

  • At what age can someone gamble?

    The legal age for online gambling in South Africa is 18 and underage gambling is strictly prohibited under current laws.

  • What forms of gambling are there?

    There are multiple forms of gambling available in the country. While online casinos tend to be the most popular with their many games, South Africans can also enjoy sports betting on the internet, poker games with players from around the world, bingo, lotteries and more.

  • There are multiple forms of gambling available in the country. While online casinos tend to be the most popular with their many games, South Africans can also enjoy sports betting on the internet, poker games with players from around the world, bingo, lotteries and more.

    Online casino games have quickly become the preferred choices for players in SA and it is certainly easy to see why. Not only are they fun to play, but they can easily result in some large winnings, especially with the many promotions that can boost the bankroll.

  • What games have the best odds?

    For the best odds in a casino, games like craps, video poker and blackjack can be very advantageous to players on the right bets. Baccarat is also a good choice that is very popular in South Africa.

  • Which have the biggest potential wins?

    When it comes to large wins, nothing even comes close to the very popular progressive slots. Tens of millions of South African Rand can be won from just one spin of a few coins from games like Mega Moolah, The Dark Knight, Major Millions, Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods.