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South African players don’t have to worry about finding honest online casino sites because we’ve gathered all the top ones right here. That means no more thinking, “Is this online casino safe or will I be scammed?” because we’ve researched every casino site out there, just to find the ones that really are the best.

Each top SA casino site we list has been investigated and rated on our online casino ‘safe scale’ and the history of each site has been examined. We even know exactly where each real money casino website is regulated and licensed. There’s good news for you too because during our research we discovered there are loads of reliable, honest online casino sites in SA. All of the safe online casino South Africa sites are listed below. Just pick where you want to play for real cash and start right away or read our online casinos reviews first!


Your Welcome Bonus R11,500

Payout Percent 98.67%

About Casino:

  • Software: Realtime Gaming
  • Payout: 98.3%
  • Games: 650

Payment Options:





Welcome Bonus


Payout Percent


Casino Las Vegas

Casino Las Vegas



Welcome Bonus


Payout Percent


Safe Casinos

How To Play it Safe At ZA Online Casinos

It’s always better to look into what makes an online casino honest and trustworthy enough to play at before you sign up anywhere. By the time you’re logged in and are playing for real money, it really is too late.

Luckily, we’ve taken a lot of the hard work out of hunting for a South African honest online casino because we’ve tried them all out for you. We did this especially so we could bring you only the very best safe online casino sites on the web.

If you do decide you’re up for your own bit of exploration into the real cash casino landscape of South Africa, here are some tips on how you can spot a good casino from a bad one. Some indicators that should tell if you’re visiting a safe online casino site or dangerous one are:

Contact details – Is the real money casino page you’re on clear about who owns it and how you can contact them? The top honest online casino sites will show this information very clearly, usually on a page called ‘About Us’ or something similar.

If you find the contact details hidden away on a South African site and the email or mailing address of the company doesn’t seem professional, it’s time to play for real cash somewhere else.

Regulations – Even if the site you’re playing at isn’t actually South African and is based in another country but accepts real money players from South Africa, it should still be fully regulated.

Online gambling regulations vary from country to country but rules and industry inspectors help to keep real cash games fair and all the games at an online casino safe.

Some countries have better honest online casino regulations than others but the most trustworthy legal rules are in places like Malta, Gibraltar and Sweden. If you visit an online casino from South Africa and the site says it’s regulated in a country you’ve never heard of, it’s probably best not to deposit any real money there.

Customer Feedback – What have other South African players said about the site? Usually with an online casino, safe software gets talked about. That means if there have been any issues in the past with just how good of a reputation an honest online casino site has, there’ll be plenty of mention of it by SA residents across the Internet. If other people are saying no to the question of, “Is this online casino safe?”, then stay away!

Play For Real Money At Top Casino Sites Now!

It's vital you play at a regulated site with the latest security software installed to keep you safe online.

It’s up to you what you do now; you can either click on one of our safe online casino South Africa sites to learn more about it or you can venture off on your own into the world of South African real money Internet casinos.

For the simplest and easiest way to play at top, guaranteed honest online casino websites, just pick one of our recommended sites and head straight there. Enjoy the fun of real cash gambling at a casino online, safe in the knowledge you’re completely secure!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes a casino safe?

    An online casino has to be fully licensed and regulated under a reliable jurisdiction to be considered safe. While some countries have their own set of regulations, places like Curacao, Malta, Isle of Man and Gibraltar are known for licensing online casinos and monitoring their activity to make sure they are always safe.

  • How do I spot a safe online casino?

    There are several factors you can look for to make sure that an online casino is safe. One of them is the license and details about it should be available on the website. A reliable online casino will also have clear and precise contact details, information about the brand and there are usually several stamps of approval. Last but not least, customer feedback plays a huge role in seeing if a casino is safe or not.

  • How can I keep safe while playing online?

    The best way to make sure that you are always playing at a safe casino is to read reviews before joining. We have a great list that presents the top online casinos for South African players and we guarantee that every listing is safe.

  • What if I have signed up for a casino not listed here?

    Due to the fact that we focus on listing the best online casinos in the market, we don’t have all of the safe ones presented here. If you have already signed up with a casino that is not featured here, you are probably still playing at a safe website but you are not getting the best deals possible. You can easily change this by choosing a casino from the list and joining right away.

  • Is it best to play at South African sites?

    There are some important advantages that come with playing at an online casino designed for customers from a certain country. Websites catering to players from South Africa will always have personalized offers and services and this can be very convenient, especially when it comes to games, banking and customer support.

  • Should I play using ZAR?

    It all comes down to how you feel more comfortable. Having the option for ZAR in South Africa is generally seen as a great feature for players but if you are used to betting in USD, you can easily change the currency.

  • Can online casinos cheat?

    Not all online casinos are as reliable as the ones we present on the website. Some of them will look to cheat their customers by offering bonuses with difficult requirements or even block withdrawal requests for no real reason.