Casino Software

It’s All In The Casino Software!

If you’re not an IT person and aren’t into computers, the word software probably doesn’t fill you with uncontrollable excitement. It should though because in the world of online casinos, software can make or break a site.

At first most players from South Africa and the rest of the world presume that online casino software isn’t important but here’s a secret; it really is. Without the best software, top casinos online wouldn’t have such great games and without the software companies developing new gaming security, we’d be in danger every time we played real money games.

To find out more about this often overlooked element of online casinos, you can browse through all the basics below.

  • Casinos buy games developed by software developers and offer them to the public
  • Identify the best software developers and see which casinos use their games
  • Know the longest running and most reputable software developers

What Is Online Casino Software?

Find a site run on industry-leading software and you'll be well on the way to a great user experience.

Pretty much all Internet casinos get their games from somewhere else, rather than developing real money games in-house through their own game designers. That’s where casino online software companies come in; they provide the games you see featured on any SA casino websites.

The game developers at the top casino software companies are the best in the business and they specialise in creating the optimal gaming experience for players. Often that includes developing games specifically for mobiles and tablets but it can also include coming up with completely new, innovative games.

Online casino software companies are responsible for game security too. It’s their job to ensure that casino games are accessed through a safe connection that keeps every player’s personal details private.

Casino Software

Different Software Means Different Casino Games

One of the biggest things that vary from one casino software provider to the next is the type of games they offer.

Usually you tend to find that each casino online software provider specialises in one particular game or type of game. For example, the software company IGT is famous for inventing the world’s most popular jackpot slot ever, while NetEnt is known for providing amazing 3D online slot games.

Quick Intro To The Biggest Software Providers

Here are the essential, need to know facts about the leading online casino software companies that supply games to South African casinos:
  • Founded in 1999.
  • Second biggest software provider.
  • 500+ games.
  • Create branded movie and TV show themed slots.
  • Specialises in skill based games.
  • Available on 23 international online casinos.
  • Powers Sky TV’s online casino
  • The biggest software provider.
  • Over 700 games.
  • Produces popular Tomb Raider slot.
  • Available on Mac, iOS and Android.
  • Operating for over 30 years.
  • Own the famous Wheel Of Fortune slot games.
  • Games featured on 172 casinos around the world.
  • Recently bought the group behind PokerStars for $4.9 billion.
  • The world’s biggest online gambling company.
  • Best known for Internet sportsbetting.
  • Entered real cash mobile gambling market early.
  • Founded in the 1950s, making land-based gambling machines.
  • Based in Australia.
  • Designed official Mission: Impossible slot games.

Explore The Best Casinos And Software

If you’d like more information on the very best online casino software companies, you can check out our detailed software review pages. Remember, the top casinos are popular for a reason, and that reason is the quality of their games made for them by online casino software providers around the globe!