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South African Online Casino FAQ’s

Almost every player in South Africa who wants to play real money casino games online has a heap of questions they’d like answers to. That’s completely understandable seeing as the Internet gambling industry is pretty new itself and many people will be trying it out for the first time.

To help all of you in SA with your quest to find online casino perfection, we’ve assembled these quick FAQs which include all the most common casino questions.

What sites can I play at?

We have vetted a great number of legal and fully regulated online casinos that accept South African players and we have listed them here. You will find them to be quite accommodating and well run.

Casino FAQ

Should I pay tax on any winnings?

Good news! You will not be required to pay taxes on your winnings, however the online casino operators are taxed. All winnings earned playing online are tax-exempt.

Are online casinos safe?

Online casinos in many ways are safer than land-based casinos. The amount of high tech security that our recommended sites use is the same encryption security software that the largest banks in South Africa employ.

How can I make sure a site is safe?

Before giving any of your private information to any site online, you want to ensure:

1) They are fully regulated and certified by the proper authorities
2) eCOGRA (or an equal independent auditor) certified to ensure fair play
3) You never use a public computer or public Wi-Fi without password protecting everything.

Are games rigged?

The online casino games that are found in our recommended sites are not rigged. Because of the highest quality independent auditors and the utilisation of RNG-Random Number Generators it is virtually impossible for any unfair play to commence.

Casino FAQ

How can I spot blacklisted sites?

We have taken the time to list those rogue sites that are a not up to our standards of excellence. These sites are known for slow payment, bad customer service, sites that lack appropriate licenses and authorisation.

Are the sites listed here trusted?

Yes, each of the sites listed can be trusted. Our team of experts applied over 25 years of experience towards identifying the best online casinos available to South African players today. Each site is fully licensed and regulated and relies upon high security encryption technology.

What casino games can I play?

The choice of games is quite extensive. From all of the newest online slots to the old favourites, there is no shortage of great choices. In addition to a plethora of slots are the all time favourite table games, like Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Keno, Bingo and of course online poker. South African online gamblers have all of the favourites at their fingertips.

What games are popular in South Africa?

South African slot players love Thunderstruck, Battlestar Galactica and games like Jack and the Beanstalk. But it doesn’t stop there, other classics like Roulette, Craps and Blackjack top the list as well. Good thing all of our highly recommended sites offer these games and more. There is some big real money to be won on all of these varieties.

Casino FAQ

Where can I win more?

The RTP - Return To Player percentage is excellent at all of our recommended online casinos and in fact it is one of the key factors in how we decide which one makes our list. Players will always have a higher RTP at online casinos than brick and mortar due to the lower overhead. In addition to that the bonuses and loyalty rewards are far more generous online too.

What games have the biggest jackpots?

What games have the biggest jackpots?

Can I make money at online casinos?

Real money winning is very probable playing online. The average return to player - RTP for online casinos is around 97% to as high as 99%. The average RTP for land-based casinos is more like 87%. So is there money to be made playing online? Yes, there is.

Where should beginners start?

Beginners would be very wise to start off with one of our highly recommended online casinos. Secondly beginners should get acclimated with the site by taking advantage of the free play that is available to all players. Once you get comfortable with the new online casino then it is time to start playing for real cash winning with real money.

Casino FAQ

What platforms offer the best experience?

The best platform still remains the downloaded version. Whether you are playing on a PC or a Mac, download provides the most seamless play and in most cases the widest variety of game options. While the leading software developers, such as Microgaming, IGT, Netent and Playtech have been producing some superb “no-download” also known as Flash platforms and equally impressive mobile games, the download versions currently provide the best experience.

Do I need to download software?

No, you do not need to download software. All of our recommended sites provide an extensive library of Flash, no-download versions. You will need to make sure that your Flash or Java is up to date or installed should you choose to play this convenient form of online casino play.

Can I play on a Mac?

Mac computers are great systems for online casino play. The one thing you will need to make sure that you have in place is Flash or Java. Our recommended sites are designed with the Mac player in mind. To access the games you will want to use Firefox or Safari and have the most up to date version of Flash and Java installed. No need to worry if you aren’t sure if you have it because many of the online casinos will automatically download the required components for you.

Casino FAQ

Can I play on mobile?

Yes, mobile play is a great way to enjoy online gambling. It is a great way to play your favourite slots, poker and table games. The key to a quality experience is to utilise the apps that have been specifically designed for awesome mobile gaming. Additionally, you may want to only play the no-download versions should you be accessing the online casino via your mobile device. If you are using an iPad, iPhone or iPod, then you will need to be certain to have Flash and Java installed on your device. Android users should be set to go.

Do games use a lot of data?

As long as you are playing no-download or mobile games on your smartphone, then you will typically not use up a lot of data. Online casino games do not use nearly as much data as watching YouTube videos. A good 3G connection is really all you need. The best way to play so as to avoid excessive data use is to rely upon Wi-Fi as opposed to your cellular plan. All of our recommendations use 128 bit encryption technology to ensure safety, the same type of encryption software that online mobile banking uses. Remember, it is always wise to check with your carrier to ensure you have the right data plan for your online casino enjoyment.