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Live Dealer Online Casinos South Africa

Wouldn't it be cool to play your favourite casino games from the comfort of your own home, but still get dealt to by real dealers? That is now a real possibility, as many SA online casinos now feature live dealers. What is a live dealer online casino and how do they work? Basically a real live person will be on the other end of the online table you are sitting at, in a real physical location. They will be broadcast to everyone who is currently at that table via video feed. There are a few advantages about this, which we will get into next, because it is definitely more than just a gimmick. Real money online casino live dealers are here to stay and picking up popularity fast.

  • Live dealing inspires confidence in online games
  • Adds a unique and interactive element to online card games
  • Know the difference between automated dealing and live dealing
  • Know the system requirements before you start

Your Welcome Bonus R11,500

Payout Percent 98.67%

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  • Software: Realtime Gaming
  • Payout: 98.3%
  • Games: 650

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Casino Las Vegas



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The Advantagess

Live dealer games are the next best thing to laying down your chips on the Las Vegas strip.

So, what are the advantages of playing at an online casino with live dealers? Obviously not everyone is going to care so much, but some casino patrons prefer only to be dealt to by a real human being. By actually seeing the cards being dealt in front of them by a real person, these particular patrons can remove all doubt in their minds that things are indeed random and not rigged. Even though the online casinos that we list on our respected site have proven time and time again to be safe and secure, some people are new to the industry. They don't know how safe the online casino world is for South Africans, and feel more comfortable playing with a real dealer. There is nothing wrong with that at all. After all, you are going to want to do anything that can relax you while at the tables - gambling is supposed to be fun!

Live Dealer

System Requirements

While you do not need a state of the art computer and Internet connection to play with live dealers at online casinos, we do recommend a few minimum settings. For instance, anything with a Pentium 4 or up would certainly be enough power to run the feed with no lag, and a normal high-speed connection is also needed. You will not be able to play live dealer feeds with an extremely slow Internet connection, because you aren't the only one at the table. Your system requirements need to be able to keep up with the rest of the people in the game. You will also need a 128 kbps minimum Internet speed, a decent sound card, and a large enough monitor. Don't be worried though, if you are at all in doubt about your the casino system requirements and if you can meet them, just give it a shot!

Getting to Know the Differences Between Live Dealer and Online Games

What is the difference between a regular online casino game and a live dealer game? We will use blackjack as the example. In a regular traditional online blackjack game, you can be by yourself or with others at a table. Your card and hands are automatically generated by a random number generator. These are advanced mathematical equations that are meant to guarantee randomness and fairness for both the casino and player. In a live online casino game, there are other people at the table with you in most cases, as it wouldn't make sense to do a one on one situation. Obviously if you are the only one sitting at a particular table at that time, you will be the only one in the game. In the live version, a dealer is actually taking the cards one by one out of a shuffled card shoot, allowing each player to see them via a live feed. That way you know exactly what cards have been taken out and how many cards are left in the deck(s). The live version game adds a level of realness that just cannot be found with the random number generator.

Live Dealer

We Found The Best Live Dealer Casinos For South Africans

Not all live dealer casinos are created equal, especially when it comes to video quality and realistic play. Thankfully, we've got you covered. The sites you see on our page have all been tested to make sure you're getting the best deal and the best experience, no matter which games you play.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do live dealer games work?

    Live dealer games combine the convenience of playing on the internet with the thrill of being in a casino. This is done by using live video stream of actual dealers behind authentic casino equipment. Players can see the action as it unfolds, while the online casino software takes care of all the bets and payouts in real time.

  • Are they South Africa based?

    Some live dealer games can be based in South Africa but most leading casinos have their own locations where they host the action for players from around the world to enjoy.

  • Are they safe to play?

    It is very safe to play online games with live dealers since they basically follow the same concepts found in a real casino, while having the extra security provided by the website.

  • How do they compare standard online games?

    Live dealer games are quite different than the standard online versions since they are played with real croupiers. This means that there are set periods where bets can be placed and the action goes on at a set pace. Also, they add a community aspect since you can chat with other players at the table and also with the dealer.

  • What are the most popular live dealer games?

    Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Casino Hold'em and Live Baccarat are the most popular games in this category and these are the ones which are commonly found at most online casinos.

  • Can I play at any time of day?

    Yes, top online casinos make sure that the action never stops and a website can have an entire team of dealers to cover shifts around the clock.

  • Are they available on mobile devices?

    It is certainly possible to play live dealer games on mobile devices as long as the online casino covers this platform. This can also depend on the developer which created the games.

  • Are they rigged?

    Live dealer games, like all the other games at a reliable gaming website, are safe, fair and secure. The guarantee that they are not rigged comes from independent companies that verify the options in order to protect all customers.