Live Roulette

Live Dealer Roulette Casinos For South Africans

Online casino players love the action of live dealer roulette. If you’re a SA online casino gambler, you’ll want to try the live version of this extremely popular table game. Those who have played at land-based casinos find that the live dealer Internet version of roulette provides players with action that is as close to the real game as possible.

If you have not tried live dealer roulette at one of the quality SA casinos offered by, take a moment to review the various aspects of this exciting game. Then connect with one of more of the quality casinos found on this live dealer roulette page. We’re sure you’ll have a great time.

  • Live dealing inspires trust in the process
  • A real croupier drops the ball onto the wheel and is not software generated
  • Adds an authentic element to playing roulette online

Your Welcome Bonus R11,500

Payout Percent 98.67%

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  • Software: Realtime Gaming
  • Payout: 98.3%
  • Games: 650

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Benefits of Playing Live Dealer Roulette

Nothing beats the drama of watching a real ball drop into the roulette pocket.

One of the things that online casino players like about playing live dealer roulette at a SA casino is the fact that just about every aspect of the experience is real. That is the spinning of the wheel, the dropping of the ball, and the live dealer actions and interactions. Many players who are wary of playing software generated prefer real gaming, as they feel that it is a more genuine casino experience.

Another benefit of live dealer roulette is the fact that it plays out in real time. Software generated games tend to play much more quickly than land-based casino games. But an online casino that offers roulette that is controlled by a real croupier provides bettors the opportunity to have a gaming experience that plays out in the most genuine manner possible.

Finally, access to online casino live dealer roulette is fast, simple, and easy. You can connect with a casino online without every leaving your home. That means that you’ll save money on gas, accommodations, and food. Plus, you can simply play as you are without having to dress up or even shower. You can roll out of bed or get into bed and play.

Live Roulette

Comparing Software and Live Dealer Versions

As mentioned, software versions of roulette at online casinos play much more quickly than those that involve a real dealer. The outcome of your standard online roulette game is dictated by a random number generator (RNG) that is part of the software and programmed when the game is being manufactured.

The RNG for live dealer roulette is the croupier who spins the wheel and drops the ball onto the spinning wheel. Thus, it’s a person and not software who helps to determine the outcome of a turn.

One of the benefits of playing software-driven roulette is the fact that you can make bets very quickly, and they can be paid out and cleared easily. This is one aspect of the game that is transferred to the online casino live dealer version of the game. Bets are made on a screen quickly and easily and are paid out and cleared in the same manner.

Live Roulette

Player Etiquette

It’s important for players to remember that they need to observe proper etiquette when playing live dealer roulette. That includes being attentive to the game and not holding up play. Also, remember that when chatting with your dealer you should be polite and appropriate in any comments that you make. Finally, some sites do allow the tipping of dealers. This is common to do when you win at a land-based casino, and it’s also recommended when playing with a real croupier.

We Connect South African Players

At, we connect South African players with quality online casinos offering the very best live dealer roulette games. If you’re a SA player, you’ll want to take advantage of the quality casinos offered on our pages. Enjoy the real feel of live dealer roulette today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does live roulette work?

    Online roulette works as a combination between the standard casino version and the authentic roulette game. This is done with the help of a live video that not only shows the dealer but also the roulette wheel. Players have a set period to make their bets by placing the chips on the table. After that, the dealer will spin the wheel and throw in the little white ball. The result is determined by where the ball lands when it stops spinning and the information is transmitted to the online casino so that the payouts can be granted.

  • Is it safe to play?

    It is always safe to play live dealer games at a reliable casino since the money is still handled by the company, while only the result from a spin actually comes from another place. The same security protocols remain available at all times.

  • How popular is it?

    Roulette is one of the most popular online live dealer games in South Africa and this is mostly because of the appeal it has due to its many betting options, combined with the excitement of having a real dealer.

  • Can I play at any time of day?

    Yes, the roulette wheel at live dealer games will be spinning around the clock, every day. The dealers change after set intervals but the professional team caters to players from around the world at any time.

  • Are the games mobile compatible?

    Yes, live roulette and other live casino games can be played on mobile devices. They may use more internet traffic due to the live video but this shouldn’t be a problem in most cases.

  • Is it possible to trial live games?

    Yes, demo versions are offered for these games and especially for live roulette. Multiple South African players can bet on the same spin without any problem and this also makes it easy for the casino to offer free trial with special casino credits.

  • Can I use a system or strategy?

    You can basically use any betting system or roulette strategy you want. Most games will also present the results from the previous spins so that players can make a better decision in the next round.

  • Are the games rigged?

    Live games are verified by the same companies to ensure fair gaming and they must use real casino equipment that passes inspection. This means that the wheel is perfect and can't be rigged in any way.