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Have you heard? There is a way to play for real cash at SA casinos online without ever downloading any software to your computer. Sound far-fetched? It's not. A South African online casino will know this. They realize that while some don't want to download more cumbersome stuff on their PC, many people just don't have the option to download. For Mac users, a no download casino is often the only option. The same goes for people who don't have admin rights on their PC (perhaps they're playing at work or on a public machine). Whatever the reason, no download online casino sites deliver. And we'll show you which ones are best.

  • Find the best browser based online casinos in South Africa
  • No need to download software to your PC - play right in the browser
  • Faster, more convenient and more discreet than downloading gaming software

Your Welcome Bonus R11,500

Payout Percent 98.67%

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  • Software: Realtime Gaming
  • Payout: 98.3%
  • Games: 650

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Casino Las Vegas

Casino Las Vegas



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The Basics Of No-Download Casinos Online

No download games are easy to find and easy to play. Just open a browser window and you're away.

How do no download casinos work? When you first arrive to the South African online casino to play for real money, you will have an option to download the actual software to your computer. You can also choose to play the no download version instead, which loads up instantly in your browser. Since the site loads in an https secure scenario, playing on the browser-based versions of online casinos is just as safe and secure as the downloaded desktop version. Everything else about the casino is the same, from betting structures to gameplay. The only difference is that sometimes the downloadable version could have more games than the no-download version.

No Download Casinos

Why You'll Love Them

There are definitely a few benefits by using a no download casino as a South African. First of all, it saves you time. It takes time to download software, install it and set it up. Even though it is easy, it can still be tedious. In addition to that, by using the no download version, you can save computer space as well as having peace of mind that you don't have to install anything new. Even though online casino software is certainly safe, some people just prefer to not download software and that is perfectly understandable. Another advantage of the no-download real money casinos is that they allow people on Macs to play at certain casinos. For instance, some instant play casinos are in place because the download version of the software only works on PC's, and not on Macs.

You do not need a super strong computer or Internet connection to play the no download SA casinos online. In fact, many people who have older computers prefer using the no download version because it is much less robust than its downloadable counterpart. Therefore, it will run smoothly and allow some people with very old computers the ability to play at all. There are no specific system requirements for no download real cash casinos, because every casino is different. That being said, a normal internet connection and computer bought in the last 5-10 years will be more than enough computer power.

No Download Casinos

We Found The Top Options For South Africa

With all your new knowledge on this subject, you are probably ready for the list of South African casinos online no download best picks. Luckily for you, we have already done all the hard work. Our world-class experts have already organized and figured out which no download online casinos for South Africans is truly the best. Just browse our top choices, choose one, and then instantly start playing your favorite game for real money online.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why play no download casino games?

    No download casino games are easy to get going and you don�t have to waste any time waiting for the download and installation to complete. You just go to the website and you have all of the games just a few clicks away.

  • How do I find them?

    No-download casinos are very popular nowadays and the best way to find a top website is to just check out our rankings. Here you will find multiple perfect casinos and all the information you need about every one of them.

  • Are the same variety of games available?

    Yes, casinos in South Africa come with a very rich variety of games and they can all be played from the browser. The big categories are video slots, table games, video poker, live dealer games and other options that can make up collections of hundreds of titles in total.

  • What are the best platforms for these games?

    No-download casinos can normally be played on PC, iMac and mobile devices since the compatibility covers multiple platforms. For the best choices in this regard, you are just a few clicks away on this very website.

  • In multiplayer games, who am I playing against?

    Multiplayer games can bring together players on the same online casino to add a more competitive twist to some options. This means that you will be playing against other casino customers, which can be from South Africa or from any other regulated market where the website is available.

  • Are no download games safe?

    They most certainly are. Playing from the browser is very secure when you are at a reliable online casino since the leading brands use the most advanced technology to ensure that their customers don't have to worry about security and can just have fun on the internet.