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When it comes to Internet poker sites, South Africa is up there as one of the best countries to play from. With plenty of online casino online poker game action to jump into and top online casino South Africa online poker sites to sign up at, SA gamblers couldn’t be happier even if Las Vegas was on their doorstep!

On this page we’ll take you through the very best poker sites South Africa has to offer its residents. We’ll also look at how online casino poker sites work and how important real cash player traffic. Plus, we’ll also explain briefly how online casino South Africa poker companies make their real money.

  • Find the best rated South African poker rooms with high player traffic
  • Identify the best signup bonuses available
  • Find out how online poker rooms work and how they make money

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How Do Online Poker Games Work?

Find a packed poker site and you've landed at a destination that knows how to put on a game.

Most South African players logging on to try out the best poker sites South Africa has to offer will probably have played poker before in the real world. Don’t worry if you haven’t even touched a real cash poker chip though, online casino online poker games are simple and easy to understand.

It’s also worth remembering that the best South Africa poker rooms have lots of guides, videos and even tutorials about how to play. You can use these casino online poker information resources for free but don’t think those ‘how to play at South Africa poker rooms’ guides are just for newbies. They’re handy for any level of real money players because they also explain how the site’s particular casino online poker software works.

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Busy Sites Make Happy Players

In the world of casino online poker websites, traffic is king. When we looked for the top poker sites South Africa players could join, traffic was a big factor.

Traffic basically means the amount of players who visit South Africa poker rooms. If there are more real cash players at an online casino poker site, it means the pots will be bigger. That’s because more real money players are contributing to the game.

The other major thing to take into consideration when it comes to looking at the traffic on poker sites South Africa is how busy a SA poker room is. This will have an affect on how many real cash poker games you can play in any one session on online casino poker sites.

If there aren’t many South African real cash players logged into a site, then you’ll probably have to wait a while before an online casino South Africa poker table fills up. That means you’ll spend a lot of time not playing on the best real money poker games, but waiting for other SA real cash players to join the game.

Online Poker

Profit Making Poker Sites

Obviously when you’re thinking about real money in relation to online casino online poker games, the first thing people in SA and around the world think of is probably how much real cash they’ll make gambling. But what about the real cash South Africa poker rooms make?

How South African casino online poker sites make their profits is simple: They make their money by charging a percentage or ‘rake’ to the real cash players on every poker hand they play. By taking this small amount from every player on their site in South Africa, poker rooms can make millions in profits.

The Best Online Poker South Africa Has!

Now that you know what to look for in South Africa poker rooms, as well as what criteria we used to find the top real money poker websites in SA, you’re ready to head out there and start playing.

All our recommended online casino online poker sites give you the option to ‘play for fun’ too. That means you don’t need to spend any real cash at our recommended top online casinos poker sites. Instead you can get your head round the software and try out all the poker site’s South Africa offerings before you jump into the real money games!

We hope you have a great time out there at our top recommended real money online casino online poker sites for South African players! Just pick an online casino South Africa online poker room and start winning real cash now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is online poker legal?

    Online poker is legal in South Africa and players can enjoy a wide variety of options from leading operators. All of the popular versions of the card game can be found in the market and the stakes cover a wide range.

  • Where can I play?

    You can play at reliable online poker rooms, with the best of them being presented right on this website. There are reviews to offer more information before getting started and nice welcome offers to get the cards going.

  • How is it different to regular poker?

    Online poker is generally made to look very similar to the real thing but there are some differences that make it more advantageous. First off, you can easily find tables at any hour of the day and you can choose which betting range you want with ease. You also don’t have to worry about your facial expressions or body language. Furthermore, South African players can be active at multiple tables at the same time.

  • Is it different from site to site?

    The way everything looks when playing poker online is usually different from one website to another. This is because each brand adds its own style to the design and the software can also come with its own set of differences. However, the game is pretty much the same at its core.

  • Is it popular in South Africa?

    Yes, poker has a large following in South Africa and many players enjoy the online tables for the convenient access they provide to top gaming options.

  • How much is it possible to win?

    When it comes to winning potential from online poker, things can get very impressive. The cash tables can have different limits and it is easily possible to cash in some big wins with the right hands. In addition to that, the best poker rooms will regularly run major tournaments and these can have very large prize pools.

  • Should I use a game strategy?

    Since poker is a game of skill, strategy can play a very big role. It is highly recommended to use modern strategies for online poker in order to get an advantage in the long run. Tips, guides and learning material can usually be found on the websites of the poker rooms.

  • How long do the games last?

    When it comes to poker cash games, you are in full control and can leave the table at any time. Tournaments tend to last longer since a good one can go on for several hours until the winner is determined.

  • Are poker games rigged?

    No, online poker in South Africa is carefully regulated and the presented websites are all legitimate. The cards are always randomly dealt and nobody at the tables can know what the other players have.