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Looking for the most popular online casino in SA? Then you've probably heard a lot of opinions on the subject. So how do you know what to believe? While things like food and drink are subjective, having the most popular online casino is quite objective. That is because it is quite easy for an expert to view different metrics and decide which is the best of them all.

Our experts have chosen the best real money SA online casino sites for you to choose from, and they are all listed on this page. These selections are truly the best of the best, and there is no denying their many good qualities (we back our claims with proof). In the rest of this article you will learn what exactly makes a casino popular in the first place, so read on.

  • Find sites that are safe and secure. It pays to be careful so check out our recommendations
  • Make sure you can play your favourite casino games and that the software is high quality
  • Look out for online casinos with the best bonuses, jackpots and rewards

Your Welcome Bonus R11,500

Payout Percent 98.67%

About Casino:

  • Software: Realtime Gaming
  • Payout: 98.3%
  • Games: 650

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Casino Las Vegas

Casino Las Vegas



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Why You'll Love Popular Casino Sites

The most popular sites always have great customer service, big bonuses and a wide mix of games on offer.

So why are the most popular casinos usually the best? It is true that the most popular online casino is usually the one with the top offerings. There are only two ways a casino can get busy - by being great and in time, becoming popular or by throwing endless advertising money at customers in order to attract new customers as they lose old ones. A popular SA online casino gets that way through a proper loyalty program, great customer service, a huge quality game selection and the best casino software.

Popular Casinos

What Makes Our Top Picks Great?

Wondering what exactly makes a casino popular? Traffic is usually a good indication. That means quite simply that there are always lots of customers every single day, gambling and having fun. A small online casino might only have a couple people online at a time, but a popular one can have hundreds or thousands all playing at the same time. That means you could end up seeing much bigger jackpots.

There are also some certain features that really make a casino a popular one. They can include customer service ratings, the % welcome bonus you receive as a new player, the amount of cash back offered in their rewards program, the quality of the games and the selection of the games. All of these things put together can really make a SA online casino more popular than it was before. Branding and marketing certainly play into it in some regard, however, without a quality product behind the marketing that will only take them so far.

More Popular Casinos Offer Better Bonuses

In a world that is driven primarily by money, there is no surprise that the most popular South Africa online casino is indeed the one that gives out big incentives. How do incentives tie into the popularity of a site? Well a casino offering a free $100 compared to a casino offering $200 would obviously be at a big disadvantage, assuming most other things were the same between the two. Therefore, online casinos that offer real cash for welcome bonuses to new players tend to attract the new players. Luckily of all the top quality SA casinos that we have reviewed on this page as being popular offer very generous bonuses for you to join.

Popular Casinos

We Found The Best For South Africans

We have now narrowed down all of the most popular online casinos for South Africans. These are not only the best, but also the most popular real money casinos in SA. You can even play at these venues with Rand, and playing in your own currency just makes things that much better. We have top casino experts who have verified that the casinos on this page are popular and for good reasons. Everything about their customer support, deposit bonuses, game selection and software experience are top of the line, and the only thing that separates them in popularity is the amount of free bonus money they give you to join! Take a look right now at the most popular SA casinos online and discover a new place to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes a casino popular?

    There are many factors which contribute to an online casino being popular in South Africa. One of the most important can be its brand since it has the power to show how reliable and safe it is. After that, the collection of games must be very rich to appeal to different types of players, while the promotions should keep the rewards flowing in.

  • Are these the best sites to play at?

    In most cases, yes they are. The popularity of an online casino is seen in the number of players accessing it and high traffic is generally a good indication that the casino is great. The competition is very intense in the market and websites must always stay at their best to be popular.

  • Do they accept ZAR?

    Some of the popular casinos in South Africa accept deposits in ZAR and even allow players to use the currency for bets. This makes them more appealing in the country since customers are more comfortable than having to convert the funds to USD or EUR.

  • What games are popular?

    Slots generally reign supreme and there are more than enough titles to keep all players entertained. Games like Gonzo's Quest, Starburst, Pistoleras, Prowling Panther and Koi Princess are big favourites when it comes to the spinning reels. For other options, live blackjack, 3D roulette and baccarat are very popular as well.

  • Do these sites have the biggest jackpots?

    Progressive jackpots increase as more players place their bets on the respective games. This makes the popular sites have the biggest prizes, especially when they share the same network and can thus award jackpots worth millions.

  • Are they safe & trusted?

    Yes. A great way to know if an online casino is safe and trusted is to see how popular it is and we also made sure to take a closer look just in case. All of the listed popular casinos are perfectly secure.

  • Can I play for free?

    Playing for fun, or in the demo mode, is an awesome way to check out the games without having to invest real money. You can easily do this at the most popular online casinos in South Africa with no strings attached.