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Discover the Best Offline Casinos in SA

Whether you are new to online casinos that are open to South African players or you’ve been gambling via the Internet for a while, if you’ve never stepped foot inside a land-based casino in South Africa then you’re really missing out.

Read on to find out about the best places to play real money casino games in South Africa and also what makes the offline casino experience different from the web equivalent.

  • Real casinos often offer a great ambience and experience
  • Can relax with a drink and play your favourite games
  • Meet people and socialise
  • Play live games like blackjack and poker

Why Play at a Land-Based Casino?

Online casinos have been a revolution, but you can't beat the buzz of a real casino floor.

Of course there are lots of upsides to logging on to an online casino from the comfort of your own home but there’s also more than a few benefits to playing at an offline casino.

Here’s what makes South African offline casinos special:

The Personal Touch
The best online casinos have very helpful customer support teams that can help you out whenever you need assistance but land-based casinos can provide an actual real life person to stand by your side and give you help face to face.

Amazing Atmosphere
The real life, buzzing atmosphere of a South African offline casino is just impossible to recreate completely accurately online. It’s the sights, sounds and even smells of the casino floor that add an extra dimension to any real money gambling at a land-based casino. Plus, you get to witness other players winning big first hand, even if you don’t win yourself!

Safest Banking
Even when an online casino uses the most up-to-date security systems, some SA players still worry about handing over their personal details and their banking information. For those safety conscious South Africans looking to enjoy real money games, offline casinos provide a safe haven. That’s because in order to top up your casino balance or withdraw your real money winnings, you go to a cashier kiosk where a fully trained and responsible member of staff will assist you.

Offline Casinos

The Top Land-Based South African Casinos

There’s a range of incredibly high quality offline casinos in South Africa. In fact, the casinos are so good that they well surpass international standards, offering players a sophisticated location to play real cash games.

Our top picks for land based casinos in SA that are more than worth a visit are:

Sun City Casino
Situated within a short driving distance from the capital of Johannesburg, this giant casino is located next door to an inactive volcano that’s part of the Pilansburg National Park.

This casino resort is made up of four opulent hotels and two giant casinos. You can expect to see all the casino classic games like slots, roulette, blackjack and real cash poker.

There’s also great entertainment on offer at the Sun City Casino. In fact the resort is famous for hosting nights starring Queen and Frank Sinatra.

Carousel Casino
South Africa’s Carousel land-based casino is located around 55km north of the capital city of Pretoria.

This huge casino is home to 20 gambling tables offering games like poker, blackjack and roulette. On the slots front, there are over 700 different real cash slot machines to try out. Three of those slots are linked to international progressive jackpots that can grow up to millions of dollars in size.

There are plenty of other things to do at this casino besides placing real money bets too. There are live sports events like international boxing in the Carousel Sports Arena and five gourmet restaurants to eat at.