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Online casino Bonus Blackjack gives South African blackjack players another opportunity to explore a standard format online blackjack game with enhanced features. This version of the classic online casino blackjack table game is quite popular with a large number of our SA blackjack players. In fact, many rate online casino bonus blackjack as a top choice for South Africans looking for something easy to play but offering a few additional benefits and features. Bonus blackjack online casino games are also a great way to start with at an online casino if you are new to online blackjack.

Players who feel that they do not need to read up on Bonus Blackjack can simply play online casino Bonus Blackjack now by just clicking on any of our best online blackjack casinos for the South Africa market. We are pleased to say that our players have chosen Yebo Casino as their top online casino with Bonus Blackjack.

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Your Welcome Bonus R24,000

Payout Percent 100%

About Casino:

  • Software: Playtech
  • Payout: 98.3%
  • Games: 650

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Welcome Bonus


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What is Bonus Blackjack?

Online casino Bonus Blackjack gives South African blackjack players everything that they have come to love about the game of online blackjack but with some added twists and cool features. Bonus Blackjack online casino tables offer the same fast paced action and varied betting options based on the standard blackjack rules. This makes online casino Bonus Blackjack extremely accessible to newbies and extremely interesting to experienced online blackjack players.

Bonus Blackjack tables look more or less the same as other types of online blackjack tables. This is a great feature which means that anyone can easily adjust to playing at tables. Even those South African players coming from a brick and mortar blackjack background will be able to easily adjust to this version of online blackjack.

There are a few stand out features of online casino Bonus Blackjack that are worth taking a closer look at here. We offer a concise list of these features which you should check out before playing the game at our top online casino with Bonus Blackjack.

Bonus Blackjack online casino tables offer the same fast paced action and varied betting options based on the standard blackjack rules. This makes online casino Bonus Blackjackthe game extremely accessible to newbies and extremely interesting to experienced online blackjack players.

  • 1. Online casino Bonus Blackjack can be played for free or for real money
  • 2. Bonus Blackjack games can be played online as well as on virtually any mobile device
  • 3. The game offers exciting side bets for making real cash bonus wins
  • 4. It is classified as a “hole card” game which means the dealer can peak at his hole card (face down card) when his up card is a ten or Ace
  • 5. It is played with two standard playing card decks

What are the Rules?

The rules of online casino Bonus Blackjack are more or less the same as most other versions of online blackjack. The Bonus Blackjack online casino table resembles the same format and layout as most other online and offline blackjack games. The Bonus Blackjack table also offers the usual online blackjack betting options including split, double, hit, and stand. This version is also ideal for using basic blackjack strategies within the game of Bonus Blackjack.

Top features found in online casino Bonus Blackjack:

  • Bonus payouts for side bets include: Jack and Ace of Spades pays 50-1, Jack and Ace suited pays 25-1 and any 2 suited cards pays 5-2
  • Bonus payout rules: It is important to understand that the bonus pays out on your first two cards only.
  • Bonus blackjack is a hole card game: In hole card games in blackjack, the dealer is allowed to peak at his face down or hole card whenever his face up card is valued at ten or is an Ace card
  • Double Down rules: You are allowed to double down on your initial wager on any two card dealt to you.

Where to Play

Our top list list of best SA online casinos gives South African players the best options for playing online blackjack, poker and other great casino games. Our top SA online casinos offer the best ZA bonuses, top online poker, roulette, and video poker games for real money or for fun. Play online casino Bonus Blackjack in demo mode - switch to real cash mode at any time.

What exactly is Bonus Blackjack?

The rules of Bonus Blackjack are exactly the same as standard blackjack, meaning you’ll need to get closer to 21 than the dealer. The difference comes in the side game, which challenges you to get certain combinations of cards, with the highest paying combination being a Jack and Ace of spades. The side bet has a lower RTP than the main game, so many people avoid it.

How is it different from normal blackjack?

The only difference comes with the inclusion of the side game. This side game is completely optional, and you’ll need to place a bet separate from your main bet before each hand. The payout from the side game can be up to 50:1, however this is only seen rarely.

Are there any tips or hints?

Although the side game is the main selling point of this game, the best advice is to avoid it. This is because the RTP is much lower than the main game. Serious gamblers therefore take the money that they would bet on the side game, and instead add it to their main bet. Also, use good bankroll management, to ensure you’ve always got money left over for tomorrow.

Does it offer big prizes?

The prizes in the main game are the same as standard blackjack. If playing the side game, you’ll receive a prize worth 50:1 for getting a Jack and Ace of spades, and a prize worth 25:1 for any suited combination of a Jack and an Ace. Any two suited cards pays a prize of 5:2.

What’s the top site with this game?

You’ll find a list of the best sites in South Africa for Bonus Blackjack players further up this page, and the top site currently is Europa Casino. Check back often though, as we regularly change our top casinos, in order to accurately reflect their current offerings.

Can I play with practice money?

Yes, you certainly can. While playing with practice money won’t lead to any cash prizes, it will allow you to learn the rules of the game and perfect your playing strategy. You can then take this strategy to the real money tables, and hopefully win some real cash!

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