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Online casino European Blackjack offers classic casino online blackjack for South African blackjack players. The European version of the classic online casino blackjack table game is rated by many of our players as the best option for South Africans wanting something instantly recognizable within the blackjack gaming genre. It is also the ideal option to start with at an online casino if you are new to blackjack.

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We examine European Blackjack online casino rules as well as basic blackjack strategies to give you an added advantage when playing online casino European Blackjack.

Go ahead and play European Blackjack online right now by simply clicking on one of our recommended online blackjack casinos for South Africa. To this end, our players have chosen Silver Sands Casino as their top online casino with European Blackjack.

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Features of European Blackjack

Online casino European Blackjack gives South African blackjack players an easy and simple introduction to the game of online blackjack. European Blackjack online casino tables offer fast action and simple betting options within standard blackjack rules, making online casino European blackjack one of the fastest and easiest blackjack games to learn to play.

European Blackjack online casino tables follow the standard set up and structure of traditional blackjack games. This makes it very easy to adapt to the European Blackjack online casino tables, based on any experience with either brick and mortar blackjack or other standard versions of online blackjack.

Taking a closer look at the game, we can list the core features of online casino European Blackjack so you can get an idea right away of how the game works. Check out our list below to see what you can expect when you select the game at our top online casino with European Blackjack.

We take a closer look at the main features of this particular version of online blackjack. This should help to guide you through how online casino European Blackjack is played so that you can get stuck in without wasting time at an online casino with European Blackjack.

  • 1. Online casino European Blackjack can be easily played directly in your favourite browser through cutting edge Instant Play/Flash platforms
  • 2. European Blackjack online casino games can be played on virtually any mobile device
  • 3. Online casino European Blackjack is played using two standard playing card decks
  • 4. In the European Blackjack online casino version, the dealer does not ‘peak’ for blackjack
  • 5. Online casino European Blackjack offers many of the standard online blackjack features including, splitting and double down options

The Rule Differences

The rules of online casino European Blackjack are based on the standard set of rules used in online blackjack. The European Blackjack online casino table should be instantly familiar to anyone that has ever played any standard version of online casino blackjack or indeed, offline casino blackjack. The European Blackjack online casino table offers standard features including being able to split, double, hit, and stand. Naturally, blackjack players can utilise a number of basic blackjack strategies within the game of online casino European Blackjack.

Top features found in online casino European Blackjack:

  • Dealer Blackjack always beats any other hand valued at 21: The European Blackjack online casino table rules follow standard blackjack rules in which the dealer blackjack beats any other hand valued at 21.
  • Online casino European Blackjack features ‘push’: What this essentially means is that, if the dealer and the players both have blackjack, the hand is a ‘push’, meaning a draw and the initial bet is returned to the player.
  • Dealer stands on soft 17: ollowing the standard online blackjack table rules where the dealer must stand on a soft 17.
  • Double Down rules: Players can only double down on hands of 9, 10, or 11 in online casino European blackjack.

Getting the Best Value for Money

You can find a fantastic and comprehensive list of best SA online casino at, giving South African players the best online casino experience possible. Our top SA online casinos offer the best ZA bonuses and promotions, top online poker, blackjack, roulette, slots and video poker games for real money and much more. You can even play online casino European Blackjack for fun in its demo mode. Switching over to a real cash version is quick and easy to do once you have the hang of the game. Enjoy the best real money poker, blackjack and roulette tables with secure banking, ZAR currency and top, 24 hour customer support.

What is European Blackjack?

European blackjack is essentially another name for standard online blackjack, meaning that it follows all the gameplay associated with the game you already know and love. It’s one of the top games at any online casino, and it is played by loads of South African gamblers every day.

How’s it different from normal blackjack?

It isn’t different from normal blackjack in any way – aside from the different name, of course. So, you’ll find that you simply have to beat the dealer in order to double your bet. This is really a game for blackjack purists.

Is European Blackjack fair to players?

Absolutely, providing you play at an online casino we have recommended. This is because we won’t recommend a site unless it can prove that its games are completely fair, by providing a certificate from a company such as eCOGRA.

Are there any blackjack strategies that work?

There are many different blackjack strategies, ranging from simple ones through to those for advanced players. Most importantly though, use bankroll management. This means that you should only risk 5% of your bankroll in a playing session, to ensure you always have money left over if you have a poor time at the table.

Where can I find the best European Blackjack site?

Finding the best place to play European blackjack is really easy, as you’re already in the right place. We’ve reviewed many of the top online casinos offering this game to players in South Africa and, at the moment, we think that the top place for you to play is Europa Casino. This can change though, as casinos alter their playing experience.

How can I practice playing this game?

It is possible to play this game for free at all good online casino sites, and this will allow you to learn the rules and perfect your gameplay. Don’t spend too long playing with practice money though, as you can’t win any money when you do!

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