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Enjoying Multi-hand Blackjack at its Best

Multi-hand Blackjack is the ideal version of standard casino online blackjack for experienced players. This version of the popular online casino table game is ideal for anyone bored with the standard online casino blackjack layout and structure. It is also a great way to start playing blackjack at an online casino if you are new to the game.

In this quick and easy to follow guide to multi-hand blackjack online casino gaming, we take a closer look at what makes this particular version of the game so different from other versions of blackjack. We show you how online casino multi-hand blackjack works so that you can get started at an online casino with multi-hand blackjack right away. We also provide you with quick and easy game rules and basic strategies so that you can get the most out of your multi-hand online casino blackjack gaming.

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However, if you are already quite familiar with online casino multi-hand blackjack games, then you can skip the article and simply click on one of your recommended online casinos for South African players. Our players have chosen Casino Las Vegas as their online casino with multi-hand blackjack of choice.

  • Features of multi-hand blackjack
  • Rules and strategies of multi-hand blackjack
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Multi-hand Blackjack Features

In online casino multi-hand blackjack games, the blackjack dealer will deal more than one two card blackjack hand at a time. This unique feature results in a very exciting and dynamic version of blackjack, making the most popular online casino table game, even more popular and fun.

Online casino multi-hand blackjack offers SA blackjack fans the best of both worlds. The game offers a fresh perspective with new features, whilst still maintaining the same basic online casino blackjack rules for it to be instantly familiar.

Multi-hand blackjack online casino tables look exactly the same as other popular online casino blackjack tables and the only real difference between multi-hand blackjack and other types of blackjack is revealed when the game starts. In online casino multi-hand blackjack games, the blackjack dealer will deal more than one two card blackjack hand at a time. This unique feature results in a very exciting and dynamic version of blackjack, making the most popular online casino table game, even more popular and fun.

There are five key features which set online casino multi-hand blackjack apart from other versions of online blackjack. The following list shows you what these key features are so that you can be better prepared when taking on the game at a recommended online casino with multi-hand blackjack.

  • 1. You can get up to five separate hands in online casino multi-hand blackjack per round
  • 2. You can split as many hands as are available on the multi-hand blackjack online casino table
  • 3. Online casino multi-hand blackjack gives you the opportunity to use different blackjack strategies per hand
  • 4. The multi-hand blackjack online casino version allows you to double down on each of your hands, making the game much more exciting and potentially profitable
  • 5. In multi-hand blackjack, you really only need to win half of your hands to cover any losing hands per round of the game

Rules of the Game

The rules of online casino multi-hand blackjack are more or less the same as standard versions of blackjack. It is important to understand that the main difference between multi-hand blackjack online casino tables and other online casino blackjack tables is essentially in the number of hands that you get at the start of an online casino multi-hand blackjack game.

The standard rules of hitting, standing, splitting and so on, still apply to online casino multi-hand blackjack. However, as stated in the previous section, the unique angle with the multi-hand blackjack online casino version is the opportunity to employ a variety of different strategies per hand. Some of the most popular blackjack strategies that South African players love to use include:

  • Doubling and/or splitting: When using basic blackjack double down strategy in online casino multi-hand blackjack, one should always double on hard 10’s unless the dealer shows and ace or a 10. Doubling down on an 11 is also a good strategy unless the dealer shows an ace. When it comes to hands that contain a soft 13, 14, 15, 16, or 17, one should only employ a double down strategy if the dealer shows a 3, 4, 5, or 6. When it comes to splitting cards, one should always split Aces and 8’s. The reverse applies to 10’s or 5’s which should never be split.
  • Hitting or standing: Another very basic blackjack strategy which is often utilised in the wrong way. As a general rule – one should always hit on hard 11’s or combinations below this value. You should stand on a hard 12 provided the dealer shows an up card value between 4 and 6. The same applies to combinations of hard 13 to 16 if the dealer shows anything between 2 and 6. One should also always stand on hard 17 but hit on soft 17 and stand on soft 19 hands.

Finding a Game

We offer a list of top recommended online casinos for South Africa, featuring great ZA bonus offers along with online poker and blackjack for real money. You can also try online casino multi-hand blackjack for fun or play for real cash. Enjoy the best poker and blackjack tables with secure gaming and top customer support.

How do I play Multi Hand Blackjack?

You play Multi Hand Blackjack in exactly the same way as you’d play standard blackjack. Instead of just playing one hand though, you’ll have multiple hands to play, one after the other. Each of the hands will then go up against the dealer’s hand, and the hand closer to 21 will be declared the winner.

Are the odds of winning higher?

The odds of getting a winning hand are higher in this game, as you have multiple chances to win. The risk is also much higher too though, as you’ll be placing a number of different bets when you play. Overall, the RTP of this game is exactly the same as standard roulette, although the chances of winning or losing loads of money are higher.

Are there any tips for winning money?

You should play as many hands as possible – this does increase the risk, however it also increases the amount of money you could win. Make sure you use good bankroll management though, meaning that you only ever risk around 5% of your total bankroll when you sit down to play at the table.

How can I be sure that this game is fair?

You can be sure this game is fair when you play at a site we’ve recommended. This is because we thoroughly test the honesty and fairness of all casinos we recommend, and only recommend casinos that have had games tested by a third-party company like eCOGRA.

How do I find the best site for this game?

The answer to this question is easy, as you just need to look further up this page, where you’ll find our top sites for players of Multi Hand Blackjack. So, just read through the reviews of these recommended sites, and pick the one that is perfect for you.

Is Multi Hand Blackjack popular in South Africa?

Absolutely. As more and more South Africans discover the advantages of playing for real money in casinos online versus land based ones. Online blackjack variants, especially Multi Hand Blackjack games, are fast increasing in popularity among South African players online.

Are the rules the same as standard Blackjack online?

Mostly yes. But playing more than one Blackjack hand at once does mean that some basic Blackjack strategies and systems need to be altered to accommodate the extra cards in play. This can effect decisions such as doubling down and splitting as well as hitting or standing. So if you're used to using a classic Blackjack strategy online it's worth bearing this in mind.

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