Guide to Online Craps Gaming in SA

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Craps is one of those online casino games that is far easier to play than it actually looks. Don't worry, you're not seeing double, you'll just find that usually craps tables have two identical sides to them. If you are struggling to identify which tables are the right tables in live casino craps, it's usually the one with all the people gathered around it, cheering the dice roll.

Spotting it while playing online craps is a little different as the game itself is the same, but you won't need to wait for every person to throw the dice before it lands back to you. This is the huge benefit of online craps casinos. Not only can you play when you want and where you want, but also as often as you want, on your own time. What a treat! If this sounds like something you might enjoy then why not head over to one of our top rated online craps casinos in South Africa, Betfair Casino. Our experts in online casino gambling know exactly what to look for in online sites. Not only does it offer craps, but online poker, online roulette, online blackjack and many, many more.

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How to Play Craps

While there are variations on the original game of craps, online craps is exactly the same as the standard brick and mortar version of the game. If you have never played online craps then the following basic breakdown of the gameplay should help you to understand how craps is played. This is more or less the same in all online casinos unless a particular online casino is offering a unique variation on the game.

To begin a game of real money online craps a person is designated as the one to throw the dice and he is then referred to as the shooter. The first throw of the dice by the shooter is referred to as the Come out Roll or the Come out throw. Everyone that is interested in betting on the game can place their bets, either on the Pass Line or on the Don’t Pass Bar. This needs to be completed before the shooter throws his Come out roll.

While these two initial betting options, the Pass Line and the Don’t Pass Bar seem quite complicated, they are actually quite simple and straight forward. The Pass Line bet is reserved for players who wish to bet on the shooter while the Don’t Pass Bar is reserved for players who wish to bet against the shooter.

If the shooter lands a seven or an eleven, this is a winning bet for those players who bet on the Pass Line position. However, if the shooter lands a two, three or a twelve, the bet goes to those players who put money on the Don’t Pass Bar. You will also notice players referring to the ‘point’ which is basically whatever number comes up on the first throw of the dice.

Online craps gaming is just as exciting and as fun as real casino craps gaming albeit in a totally virtual environment. The rules of the game are the same as is the way the game is played.

Get to Know the Bets

Based on the above explanation of simple craps bets, you now have a basic understanding of how some craps bets work but what about other craps bets on the table? While some of the betting names printed on the craps table can sound quite complicated or exotic, most of them are actually quite simple. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more popular online craps bets and how they work.

The Pass Line bet is the most basic of all craps bets and is also considered by most craps players as the safest craps bet, making it ideal for beginners. This bet also offers the lowest house edge percentage of any craps bet at just 1.4%, making it an even more attractive bet to new craps players. A Field Bet is another simple craps bet that can be placed at any point in a craps game.

With a Field Bet, craps players will win even money (1:1) odds on rolls of three, four, nine, ten or eleven. However, the players will lose their Field Bets if the roll lands on a five, six, seven or eight. More good news for the Field Bet option is that a two roll pays double and a twelve roll pays triple. Another bet that is similar in simplicity and safety to a Pas Line bet is the Come Bet which can also be placed at any point during the game.

An interesting online craps bet option is the Place Bet which players choose if they think that the number that they want to bet on will come up before the point. This bet is also sometimes referred to as the Place Number Bet and it can be placed at any point during the game although most of the time it is only placed after the point has been established. There you have it, some of the most interesting and popular craps bets for you to try at your next craps game from one of our top pre-selected South African online casinos.

Craps Odds and House Edge Explained

Craps is one of the most popular online casino games available for a number of reasons. Besides being one of the most exciting online casino games to play, the game is also easy and, perhaps most important for some, offers one of the lowest house edge percentages of any online casino game. However, it must also be said that the house edge percentage will vary according to the type of craps bet that has been chosen.

If you are interested in craps bets with the lowest possible house edge percentage, then one of the best craps betting options is to go with the Pass Line bet which offers an incredibly low 1.4% house edge percentage. This bet is recommended to beginner craps players as one of the safest all round craps bets that you can place.

On the opposite end of the craps betting spectrum we have the so-called Big Six and Big Eight bets, both of which feature a house edge percentage of over nine percent. Still other craps bets push the house edge percentage up even more in favour of the house, with the Hard 10 and Hard 4 bets featuring a staggering eleven percent house edge percentage.

Advantages of Playing Online Craps

There are many great advantages to learning how to play online craps and we’ve listed some of the best ones here. You can find great online craps versions at many of our top recommended online casinos for the South African online casino market.

Top advantages and reasons to play online craps include:

  • 1. Easy craps bets for beginners: Craps is a great game to play if you are a beginner and, just like roulette, offers a few easy, low risk betting options.
  • 2. Low house edge: Depending on the actual craps bet that you choose to play, you can enjoy extremely low house edge percentages, comparable with blackjack and slots.
  • 3. Convenience: Being able to play great online craps games at our top SA online casino from the comfort of your own home or even from your mobile is the ultimate in convenience.

How do I play craps online?

Craps is one of the more complex games online. Essentially though, you’re betting on the throw of some dice, hoping that your number hits before the dice add up to seven. Beginners should just bet on the Pass and Don’t Pass lines, however more complex bets can be made by those with more experience playing the game.

Is craps found at every online casino?

No, it isn’t. While craps is incredibly popular at land-based casinos, it hasn’t quite emulated its success at online casinos. This is perhaps because the rules are slightly more complex than other games, such as blackjack and roulette. It is getting more popular though, as South African players begin to realise how enjoyable the game is.

Does it offer a good chance of winning?

Experienced craps players often make a profit when they play craps online, however you should remember that it is based largely on luck. This means that you’ll have good runs, as well as bad ones. Most people play for the enjoyment though, and treat winning money simply as a bonus.

How can I practice playing craps?

New players will want to learn the rules before they risk their own cash, and this is possible if you play at the practice tables first. These are offered at nearly all good online casinos in South Africa, and the rules of the practice games are exactly the same as the rules found at the real cash games.

Why do people play craps online?

There’s one simple reason why South Africans enjoy playing craps online, and it’s excitement. There’s not much that can beat the exhilaration you experience every time the dice are rolled, and you’ll also have the chance to win some really impressive prizes in the process.

Am I allowed to play craps online in South Africa?

Online gambling has been banned by the South African government, meaning that it’s not technically legal to play online craps. Many South Africans still gamble online though, as they know that they won’t be prosecuted for doing so.

How do I know if a craps game is fair?

When you play at a site we’ve recommended, you can be completely sure that the games are honest. This is because we have checked that the games are completely fair to all players, and that the sites are monitored properly by a reputable external organization.

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