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Guide to Online Casino Fastest Payout Methods

Signing up with an online casino is not something that should be rushed in to. It is vitally important that South Africans consider a wide range of aspects pertaining to online casinos that go beyond the number of games on offer or the size of the bonus one could get once signed up.

Other important considerations have to do with the legitimacy of the online casino brand, the online security on offer and the sort of online payment options that are available to players. The actual cashier section of an online casino, where all the banking processes happen, is as important as the games section, promotions section and support section of an online casino.

The online casino cashier is usually run by highly trained staff that specialize in the financial aspects of online casino players. This includes deposits into player accounts as well as subsequent withdrawals from those same accounts. The online casino cashier needs to be efficient, secure, easy to communicate with and flexible to the needs of their players. This is why consulting a complete and comprehensive online casino resource like is crucial to ensure that everything runs smoothly once you have signed up with an online casino.

We offer up to date and in-depth resources to understanding and using online casino banking options. This includes a detailed guide to online casino deposits for South African players and this, our in-depth guide to fastest payouts for South African players. Some would argue that this section is the more important of the two since there is nothing quite a frustrating as winning a jackpot and not being able to get it out quickly or, heaven forbid, getting it out at all!

Deciding the Best Payout Method

While the title of this particular online casino guide for South African players has to do with the fastest payout methods, this is not necessarily the most important criteria when deciding which payout method best suits your needs. There are quite a few payout methods that most online casino make available but in general these are always less than the options to make deposits.

In some cases, a fast payout method may not be the best choice for you based on a variety of circumstances including what your actual bank allows for, whether these methods are even available to you, how much extra you might have to pay for the convenience of enjoying a faster payout and so on. For instance, some online casinos do not allow you to use the same credit card that used to make your deposit, for your withdrawals. In some cases this isn’t even the casinos decision, your own bank may not allow you to use their credit card for online casino withdrawals due to various legislations and restrictions.

Another consideration is for users of pre-paid card systems such as PaySafeCard or Ukash which offer the safety and convenience of a PIN-based payment system but cannot be used to make withdrawals at all. Users of these systems then need to have two separate systems on the go, one for making deposits and one for making withdrawals. Some players like to combine their pre-paid card with an eWallet, that way they can make instant deposits with no need to involve their bank, and fast payouts with their third party eWallet, again, not involving their bank.

Ensuring that you avoid any potential situation that could end up with your withdrawal request being denied by the online casino, is paramount. There are thousands of horror stories of players not being able to withdraw their winnings simply because they did not follow correct procedures.

What are the Fastest Payout Options?

There are several payout or withdrawal options available to South African players and, while they may not be as prolific as deposit options, certainly cover all the bases quite well. Let’s take a look at some of these payout options and their average payout times.

  • Credit cards: Top credit card options at most online casinos include Visa, MasterCard and AMEX (American Express). Not all of these options are available at all online casinos and it is always bets to consult your online casinos support services to find out what your options are. Some online casinos also do not allow all credit cards to be used for withdrawals. That said, most credit card-based withdrawals are fairly quick and average around 1 – 3 days.
  • Debit cards: Debit cards are a good alternative to credit cards and are easier to obtain since you need pre-existing funds in order to use them (no ‘credit’). Some online casinos offer withdrawals options with debit cards and some don’t. Again, it is a good idea to consult with your online casino. Generally payout times are more or less in line with credit cards.
  • eWallets: eWallets such as Neteller, Skrill, PayPal (SA alternative EntroPay) are by far the most popular of all payout methods with online casinos. eWallets are fast and convenient and usually do not incur any additional fees for the withdrawals (depending on the casino). You can expect super-fast withdrawal times of 24 hours and sometimes 48 hours with most eWallets.
  • Bank transfers: Bank transfers usually take quite long but offer a secure and reliable way of withdrawing your winnings directly to your bank account. Expect about a week (5-7 working days) although some transfers can be faster at around 3 working days.
  • eCheck: eCheck is the updated version of the traditional paper check system and also offers a safe and secure way to withdraw funds. Expect to wait 2-3 days for it to clear on your end.

Making a Withdrawal

Making a withdrawal form an online casino is fairly straightforward once you have taken care of all the necessary paperwork required for payouts. This generally includes submitting proof if identification, proof of residence and so on.

The actual withdrawal procedure works in pretty much the same way as the way in which one makes a deposit at an online casino. The first step is to visit your online casino, log in and then click on the cashier or banking page.

Next, simply scroll to the withdrawal section on the banking page, scroll through the list of available options and click on the one that you would like to use. With some methods a pop-up may appear requiring you to log in to your payment method account (eWallet, online banking and so on). Once you have completed this you should then be able to enter the amount that you would like to withdrawal, hit enter or confirm and complete your withdrawal process.

Avoiding Non-Payment Situations

Ensuring that you avoid any potential situation that could end up with your withdrawal request being denied by the online casino, is paramount. There are thousands of horror stories of players not being able to withdraw their winnings simply because they did not follow correct procedures. Often, these players will then go ahead and blame the casino, accusing them of shady business practices and so on. In some cases this is actually true and there are plenty of online casinos that you need to avoid. This is why it is also important to only play at recommended online casinos such as the brands on our recommended list for South African players.

However, when it comes to a legitimate, recommended online casino refusing to pay you out, you are more than likely the one at fault simply because you failed to do your homework. The fact of the matter is that it is so simple to ensure that you have followed all the correct procedures in order to ensure that you get the money that you have won, fair and square.

One of the first aspects that you need to have covered is reading all the terms and conditions of the online casino. You may be surprised at how many players simply skip this part altogether because they think it’s boring. This is where the casino tells you very clearly what it expects from you as a player. This is especially important if you decide to take one of their bonus offers, which come with very specific wagering conditions.

Every online casino that offers a bonus, expects you to wager that bonus, and in some cases the bonus plus your deposit, a certain amount of times. Some online casinos offer low wagering requirements of 25 times while others are higher and 35 or 40 times. This means you have to wager the total amount over and over until you have reached these requirements, then and only then will they let you withdraw any winnings you may have accrued. Request a withdrawal before this has been completed and you can more than likely expect the online casino to cancel your bonus along with any winnings accrued, instantly.

Finally, ensure that all of your paperwork is in order and that there is nothing outstanding on your player account, get this wrong and you can expect significant delays and inevitable back and forth communications with the casino, a pain that can easily be avoided.

What is the fastest payout method?

Most withdrawal options offer payout speeds of around 48 hours, and this is generally the fastest time you can hope for at an online casino. There are some online casinos that offer quicker payouts for those withdrawing using Skrill or Neteller though, with some players able to get the money within a few hours.

Why are fast withdrawals important?

Fast withdrawals are incredibly important for a few reasons. The main one is simple though: the longer the withdrawal takes, the longer you’ll have to wait before spending your winnings. If you have won a large sum of money, you are also missing out on earning interest on the money you’ve won.

Can I speed up payout times?

There’s not a huge amount you can do to speed up payout times. You can provide ID before you withdraw though, to stop the site asking for it later in the withdrawal process. Also, make sure you give the right banking details – if you don’t, the request will fail, and you’ll have to start the whole process all over again.

Which sites offer the fastest withdrawals?

The majority of online casinos in South Africa offer withdrawal speeds of around 48 hours. To find the top site for those looking for fast withdrawals, just read through our reviews. You should start with the recommended casinos further up this page.

Do larger withdrawals take longer to process?

Yes, larger withdrawals can take longer to process, however this is understandable. Before departing with a large sum of money, the casino will want to verify that everything is above board, so they’ll likely ask for ID, and will also run other checks. You will receive your money eventually though.

How can withdrawals be delayed?

The most common reason for a withdrawal being delayed is when the site asks for ID, in order to prevent against money laundering and ensure that the withdrawal has been initiated by the player in question. User error can also lead to delays, such as the player incorrectly typing their bank details, or a casino employee making a mistake.