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Live Dealer Online Casino Games In South Africa

Find out how easy it is to feel the excitement of playing your favourite roulette, blackjack, baccarat or Hold'Em game at an online casino in 2023. Live dealer games allow you to play with a real croupier from the comfort of your own home! Better still, you are free to choose where to play from and the time of play.

Live Dealer casino games combine your favourite casino games with the thrill and suspense of real life interaction as you try to win big and get the psych out your opponents. Choosing from one of our recommended casinos, such Europa Casino, will get you the best Live Dealer experiences.

  • A large variety of games and variations, so you can play the game you enjoy most
  • Withdrawal and Deposit options to suit your banking needs
  • Great welcome bonuses and promotions so you get the most out of your hard earned cash

Your Welcome Bonus R24,000

Payout Percent 100%

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  • Software: Playtech
  • Payout: 98.3%
  • Games: 650

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Welcome Bonus


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Choose Games with a Real Life Dealer

Here you can learn more about live dealing – what it is and why it’s a great way to play your favourite games. Live dealing combines the best of online gaming and physical casinos and adds a different dimension to standard online card games.

  • Live dealing inspires confidence in online games
  • Adds a unique and interactive element to online card games
  • Know the difference between automated dealing and live dealing
  • Know the system requirements before you start
Live Dealer

We have the Best Online Live Dealer Casinos!

We’re well aware that there are quite a number of gambling sites out there in 2023, all screaming for your attention. That is why we’ve carefully identified the casino sites with the best live dealer options for SouthAfrica players. Our aim is to make your stay with your chosen online casino as pleasant as possible.

We feel confident recommending the casino sites linked on only after we’ve thoroughly tried and tested betting and playing at them ourselves.

While, as we’ll further explain as we go along, the experience between traditional online games and online casino live dealer games is poles apart, the fact is that there are also many discrepancies between the services offered by one casino and the next.

More often than not, these differences mostly boil down to video quality standards and how realistic the play is. This depends on many factors, mostly related to the computer hardware the individual companies use.

Not to worry, though! The casino online sites found on our website have been specifically tried and tested by our team to ensure your total satisfaction in whatever game you choose to play!

Live dealer games are the next best thing to laying down your chips on the Las Vegas strip.

Your Favourite Casino Games at the Tips of Your Fingers!

Live Dealer Roulette remains one of the ever popular casino games with ZA online casino gamblers. You’ve grown to love playing this game at land-based casinos. Soon you’ll find that the online version provides an experience similar to the real game.

To start off, every aspect of the playing experience is as real as can be. The croupier actions and interactions, the spinning of the wheel and the dropping of the ball are all a part of the real money game.

This is because the croupier is real and so is all the gaming equipment normally found in any land-based casino! The great part about playing online is that you can be at the casino without ever leaving your bedroom. You save loads of time and money on transport, accommodation, food, attire…you name it!

You can start focusing on making real money first thing in the morning. In the end, all you really need is a laptop at your disposal!

In addition to Live Dealer Roulette, one can also enjoy Live Blackjack, Baccarat and Hold’Em! The thrill offered by these games in the real world can now also be experienced online, thanks to the twenty-four hour filmed presence of a real croupier. You can easily observe every action he makes from the comfort of your sofa.

The online casino live dealer version of Hold’Em is fascinating in its own right as during this table game, players compete against the dealer instead of one another. Playing against a human dealer from a different state or country drastically increases the game’s appeal!

Live Dealer

System Requirements

While we’re not going to send you running to your local computer store to buy the most state-of-the-art computer system (Do Not Do This!) we do recommend a few minimum hardware requirements.

While this mode of playing doesn’t require extensive graphics processing, a high-speed internet connection would be very helpful. Keeping in mind that you’ll have to keep up with the rest of the players in the game when participating in an online live dealer casino feed, an extremely slow connection will not be suitable.

You would at least need a Pentium 4 processor and 512 Mb of RAM. You wouldn’t want to ruin a good game with video lag, as it would certainly take away from the realism of your experience!

You will also need a decent sound card, and a comfortably-sized monitor.

All these are pretty much standard in most computers today, so before you rush out to buy anything you think you need, we recommend trying out an online casino or two, just to make sure!

Why Live is the Way to Play

As we’ve seen, online casino live dealer games offer quite a number of advantages over traditional online games. The one perk we cannot emphasise enough is that game plays out in real time.

Traditional self-automated software generated games tend to play much quicker than real-world casinos. The reason for this is the following – in traditional online gaming, you, a human being are playing against an algorithm. A computer code programmed to perform mechanically without fail.

Live Dealer Online Casino is the future of online gambling as these games are supervised by a real croupier, who not only brings his vast real-world experience to the table, but more importantly, his individual character and an opportunity at genuine human interaction.

Another major advantage of online casino live dealer games is that real cards and actual gaming equipment such as roulettes and blackjack tables are utilised. Seeing every card dealt by a real person directly from the shoe gives you peace of mind about the possibility of the game being rigged, leaving you relaxed enough to focus on enjoying the game!

All About Human Connection

In the end, gaming really is about human connections. Players sitting down at crowded tables, getting to know each other through the unprecedented thrill of a great card game for real money. A strangers studying his opponent’s body language, trying to read his dead-pan poker face.

The real gaming experience is about men and women passionate about their games trusting the croupier’s knowledge and attitude will make their experience at that particular table a pleasant one.

While technology, and especially the internet, brought things so much closer to the comfort of your home, the connection between the player and other human souls has sadly become non-existing, stinting the best part of the whole experience for the individual player.

This is now thankfully a thing of the past. Thanks to the top-notch online casino South Africa live dealer found on our website, all you need to do to re-live the exhilarating experience found only at a real-world casino and make some real cash is to check out our games and click on the one that intrigues you most!

How do live dealer games work?

These games combine the convenience of playing on the internet with the thrill of being in a casino. Online, this is done by using live video stream of actual dealers behind authentic casino equipment. Players can see the action as it unfolds, while the online casino software takes care of all the bets and payouts in real time.

Are they South Africa based?

Some live dealer games can be based in South Africa but most leading casinos have their own locations where they host the action for players from around the world to enjoy.

Are they safe to play?

It is very safe to play online games with live dealers since they basically follow the same concepts found in a real casino, while having the extra security provided by the website.

How do they compare standard online games?

Live dealer games are quite different than the standard online versions since they are played with real croupiers. This means that there are set periods where bets can be placed and the action goes on at a set pace. Also, they add a community aspect since you can chat with other players at the table and also with the dealer.

What are the most popular live dealer games?

Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Casino Hold'em and Live Baccarat are the most popular games in this category and these are the ones which are commonly found at most online casinos.

Can I play at any time of day?

Yes, top online casinos make sure that the action never stops and a website can have an entire team of dealers to cover shifts around the clock.

Are they available on mobile devices?

It is certainly possible to play games on mobile devices as long as the online casino covers this platform. This can also depend on the developer which created the games.

Are they rigged?

Live dealer games, like all the other games at a reliable gaming website, are safe, fair and secure. The guarantee that they are not rigged comes from independent companies that verify the options in order to protect all customers.

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