Live Roulette

South Africa's Best Live Roulette Casino Games 2024

Live dealer roulette games are an enhanced version of classic roulette. Although software-based casinos result in a quick game, live dealer roulette is controlled by a real dealer to bring you a genuine experience and real money. It is a real croupier, and not a piece of software, which controls the game.

The extensive track record of for quality and security places us at the top for reviewers of online casinos offering live dealer roulette for South Africans. Casinos such as Europa Casino ensure you find an enjoyable real money game, which is guaranteed to reward and entertain for hours on end.

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Why Play Roulette With A Live Dealer

Part of the authentic roulette experience is playing with a live dealer. Now South Africans can have that when you play online, combining the best of land based casinos and online casinos.

  • Live dealing inspires trust in the process
  • A real croupier drops the ball onto the wheel and is not software generated
  • Adds an authentic element to playing roulette online in 2024
Live Roulette

The Basics of Live Dealer Roulette

Roulette is a timeless classic dating back to 17th century France. To play roulette, you bet on numbers by placing your chips on the table. The dealer will spin and launch the ball. The result depends on where the ball lands when it stops spinning, and chips on or nearby the resulting number are the winning bets.

With an online casino, Live Dealer Roulette players will experience a live croupier who will give you a limited amount of time to place your bets. When the spinning ball starts to slow down, no more bets will be accepted. Your winning result will be communicated with the casino online to grant your payouts. It is an extremely rewarding game and wildly popular in South Africa for a reason!

Free trials are available on most of our online casino websites, which means ZA gamers can attempt the game and practice free of charge. Most often, online casino Live Dealer Roulette is also available on mobile which means you can take the game anywhere you go.

Nothing beats the drama of watching a real ball drop into the roulette pocket.

Learn Strategies for Better Earnings

Adopt the Martingale system and keep maximizing your winnings. As you continue to win, gamble the same amount each time. In the event of a loss, double your bet. It’s a fact – you will have a higher chance of winning in the short-term. For a better chance, familiarise yourself with the game and pick up some tips and tricks. A great advantage of online casinos' Live Dealer Roulette games is you can take all the time you need to practise from the comfort of your own home.

Live dealer roulette is entirely random, so don’t make the mistake of calculating numbers which are believed to be due in the next round. The odds cannot be affected and numbers cannot be controlled, ensuring fair gaming and a good time.

Live Roulette

Advantages of Live Dealer Roulette

A land-based casino may have a more classic feel, but online casinos mean you can simply roll out of bed and play! Casino online Live dealer roulette is closest to the real deal, with a real croupier and real cash in your pay-outs. Leave it up to us to connect you with the best online casinos available to you in South Africa. Your dealer works to bring you the most pleasant experience, and for this we recommend you tip your dealer on the sites that allow it, as you would in a land-based casino.

It is not surprising that the popularity of live real money games such as Live Dealer Roulette is increasing – such games provide a real experience, allowing you to chat with croupiers and tablemates while enjoying the game and earning real cash. Since the croupiers don’t have to pay each player, Live Dealer Roulette is also much quicker than roulette in a land-based casino which enables you to get more gaming done in less time.

If you’ve never tried live dealer roulette, now is the perfect chance as we can offer the best possible conditions for you to have an authentic experience without even having to leave your home.

Only the Best Casino Sites and Live Dealer Roulette Games of 2024

At a South Africa online casino, live dealer roulette games are carefully tested out by our team of reviewers. We adhere to our standards for quality, security and ease of use. They feature the top online casino websites and live dealer roulette real money games available. This ensures the best value and an exciting experience for our users.

The sites we connect you with are routinely inspected to safeguard your privacy and confidentiality, and serve as a safe environment for fair and fun play. We guarantee swift communication and properly functioning mechanisms with all the casinos and games we link to.

How does live roulette work?

Online roulette works as a combination between the standard casino version and the authentic roulette game. This is done with the help of a live video that not only shows the dealer but also the roulette wheel. Players have a set period to make their bets by placing the chips on the table. After that, the dealer will spin the wheel and throw in the little white ball. The result is determined by where the ball lands when it stops spinning and the information is transmitted to the online casino so that the payouts can be granted.

Is it safe to play?

It is always safe to play live dealer games at a reliable casino since the real money is still handled by the company, while only the result from a spin actually comes from another place. The same security protocols remain available at all times.

How popular is it?

Roulette is one of the most popular online live dealer games in South Africa and this is mostly because of the appeal it has due to its many betting options, combined with the excitement of having a real dealer.

Can I play at any time of day?

Yes, the roulette wheel at live dealer games will be spinning around the clock, every day. The dealers change after set intervals but the professional team caters to players from around the world at any time.

Are the games mobile compatible?

Yes, live roulette and other live casino games can be played on mobile devices. They may use more internet traffic due to the live video but this shouldn’t be a problem in most cases.

Is it possible to trial live games?

Yes, demo versions are offered for these games and especially for live roulette. Multiple South African players can bet on the same spin without any problem and this also makes it easy for the casino to offer free trial with special casino credits.

Can I use a system or strategy?

You can basically use any betting system or roulette strategy you want. Most games will also present the results from the previous spins so that players can make a better decision in the next round.

Are the games rigged?

Live games are verified by the same companies to ensure fair gaming and they must use real casino equipment that passes inspection. This means that the wheel is perfect and can't be rigged in any way.

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