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Learning to Play 3D Roulette

The game of roulette is one of the oldest casino gambling games in the world and is possibly the undisputed icon of the casino. Together with other casino games including baccarat and blackjack, roulette forms the foundation of virtually every land-based or online casino in existence. The original game of roulette, often referred to as French roulette due to its place of origin, has also given birth to a number of interesting variations including American roulette, European roulette and of course, casino online roulette.

Online roulette itself has inspired a number of interesting variations that have been specifically created for the online or digital casino medium. These including mini roulette and online casino 3D roulette. Most experienced online casino players will quickly agree that 3D roulette online casino versions are the closest to a real casino game as you can get without counting newer live dealer online games. Playing online casino 3D roulette can be enjoyed at a number of top online casinos in South Africa and our players have picked Betfair Casino as their preferred online casino with 3D roulette option. This brand also offer best online poker games where you can play poker for real cash in ZA currency.

If you are new to South African online casino games like 3D roulette, let’s take a look at how the game of roulette works in general and how online casino 3D roulette differs from other versions of roulette.

  • Learn how the game of roulette works
  • Discover the difference between regular roulette vs. online casino 3D roulette
  • Popular 3D roulette online casino strategies

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Most experienced online casino players will quickly agree that 3D roulette online casino versions are the closest to a real casino game as you can get without counting newer live dealer online games.

How Roulette Works

From the outside looking in, roulette may seem like quite a complicated and even intimidating casino game to learn to play. While some of the best may require a bit of experience to pull off, the game of roulette as a whole is actually very easy to learn to play. The game is played on a table which is marked with a grid of numbers as well as various additional betting positions.

The grid of numbers are divided into 36 compartments (on European and French tables) and these compartments also alternate in colour between red and black. Players can be on a variety of options including on a single number, a group of numbers or a row of numbers. Bets made on this grid are known as inside bets as they take place within the grid.

Players can also place various bets outside of this grid which are generally simpler and safer bets. These are known as outside bets and include betting on red or black, odd or even numbers and first, second or third dozen numbers. Outside bets pay out at even money (1:1) or 2:1 odds. French roulette and European roulette both use a single green zero number, intended to improve the odds in the casinos favour. However, the American roulette wheel features an additional zero, the “double zero” which gives the casino a massive house advantage of over 5%.

Regular Roulette vs. Online Casino 3D Roulette

3D roulette online casino versions take the standard game of digital roulette and basically super-charge it. Most online casino 3D roulette uses the French roulette format or European roulette format which are very similar. It is rare that you would find 3D roulette online casino games that follow the American roulette format.

If you are looking for an online roulette game that offers a much higher level of realism, then you should check out our online casino with 3D roulette list.

Popular online casino 3D roulette strategies

Playing 3D roulette online casino games can be enormously fun and quite challenging at the same time. A popular option with many SA 3D roulette online casino players, is to adopt a traditional roulette strategy for their online casino 3D roulette strategy. These are especially helpful if you are playing for real money at one of our recommended ZA online casino sites.

Some of the most popular online casino 3D roulette strategies include:

  • The Martingale: Known as a negative betting progression strategy as it requires players to increase bets on each loss. This strategy can present problems over a long losing streak and should be used with caution.
  • The Fibonacci: Based on the famous Fibonacci mathematical sequence where the previous two numbers add up to create the next number in the sequence. The sequence can be found in all areas of nature, science and math and also creates a perfect betting system where consistency is needed.
  • Trend betting: Observing the frequency of either red or black and predicting when a new trend or steak will occur and taking advantage of it.

What is 3D Roulette?

3D Roulette follows the same rules and gameplay as standard roulette, however it has one big difference – the graphics are in fantastic 3D. While you can’t win any more money than you can in standard roulette, the enhanced graphics make the game even more enjoyable to play.

How do I play 3D Roulette?

To play, sign-up with one of our top online casinos featuring this game. Once you’ve started the game, you’ll need to select your bets, which can be anything from red/black through to a single number. The ball then spins around the wheel, and if it lands on a number you’ve chosen, you’ll win a cash prize.

What’s the best site offering 3D Roulette?

There are many great online casinos offering this game to players in South Africa. To find the best place to play, just look through our list of the top 3D Roulette online casino sites, which can be found further up this page. This list changes regularly, so check back often to see if the top place to play has changed.

How does it differ from standard roulette?

The only way in which this game differs from standard roulette is in the graphics, as they are far better than the graphics found at other versions. Everything else, from the prizes through to the gameplay, remains exactly the same.

How much money can I win?

The most you can win on a single spin of the reels is a prize worth 35:1, and this happens when you correctly predict the exact number the ball will land on. Picking red/black or odd/even leads to the best RTP though, and expert players generally stick to these two bet types.

Is online roulette legal in SA?

Online gambling is something of a grey area in South Africa. While gambling at online casinos is technically illegal, many South Africans still play at casinos every day, and there is a very minimal chance of them ever being prosecuted for doing so.

Can I use a roulette strategy?

Yes, you can, as there are many different roulette strategies that players use. These include the Martingale and the Fibonacci. Be mindful that these strategies don’t guarantee profits though – they simply improve your chances of winning money.

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