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Become an Online Casino VIP In South Africa

When we look up the best South African casinos for you to enjoy, our number one priority is making sure that our readers get to feel like valued and wanted members of the online casino they’re signing up with. That means they get access to great features and real money games, and get treated with respect by the support team and management when needed.

If getting the very top treatment is what you’re after, though, the best way of making that happen is by signing up to an online casino VIP programme. If a casino’s service and deals are good, chances are the VIP opportunities are even better. So if you’re from South Africa and would like to learn more about these opportunities, read on!


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Welcome Bonus


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Get the VIP Treatment when you Play Online

Want all the best rewards and some VIP treatment from your online gaming site? Then look no further because we tell you what to look out for and where to get it.

  • Many online gaming sites offer VIP programs where you earn points as you play
  • VIP programs can offer bonuses, free concert tickets, exclusive games and more
  • Not all VIP programs are equal. Check out different VIP programs to make the most of your online gaming experience

What Makes A Great VIP Online Casino Programme?

This article will let you in on the best things to look out for when searching for your ideal VIP programme. We will say that with any programme, you can’t expect to hardly ever play and expect a casino to throw free stuff your way. Rather, being a great online casino VIP takes some investment on your end – when you play, you reap rewards.

That being said, it is very possible to evaluate the quality of the benefits. A great online casino will distribute a generous amount of VIP points, and increase the quality of your casino experience when you show your loyalty as a player.

VIP programs reward player loyalty and must be taken advantage of at every opportunity.

How Do These Programmes Work?

If online casino VIP programmes are so exclusive, it’s probably pretty hard to sign up to one, right?

Actually, that’s a misconception. The truth is that most ZA online casinos will actually induct you right away in their loyalty or VIP programmes just by signing up – the benefits you receive will depend on the frequency with which you play at the casino. In rarer occasions, signing up for the VIP title might be separate to simply registering.

Either way, the principle behind VIP programmes are essentially the same: if you’re a dedicated and loyal player, this will be acknowledged and you will receive awards for it. This mostly works by receiving VIP points by playing real cash games (it’s unlikely that you’ll get points if playing for free) – the more you play, the more points. Simple. Keep in mind also that certain games may distribute higher points, so you may want to devise a game strategy.

As you earn more points, you’ll find yourself going up higher tiers within the VIP programme.

Vip Casinos

The Benefits & Perks

Alright – let’s say you’re already a VIP. You have a bunch of VIP points in your account. What do you do with them?

Your points can be exchanged for various prizes – these include, for example, bonus credit or free spins that you can use on games. Just like any other promotion, then? Not quite – with this kind of arrangement you usually don’t have wagering requirements for winning with this credit, so it’s an even better deal.

You can sometimes also exchange your points for real cash. Yes, you read that right, that’s cash that you can actually withdraw! Of course, online casinos are not going to empty their pockets for you. The points to cash ratio is never going to be that huge, but if you play enough you might actually amass a pretty fair amount of money.

Many online casinos will also have a VIP shop with real-life prizes you can buy with points. These prizes can be anything from merchandise (t-shirts and such) to fancier items like electronic devices (smartphones) and if you have enough points, you might even buy a holiday!

However, as VIP members you’ll have access to benefits that will significantly improve your experience as an online casino user in general. The customer service provided to you will be more attentive, and you may even have access to faster withdrawal speeds. You may even have access to exclusive games!

We've Found The Best Online Casino VIP Programmes In 2023

If you’re really interested in this world of VIP online casino programmes, then you might be thinking that it’s time to hunt out the best ones. It’s not easy to compare so many casinos, and it will take up a lot of your time. That’s where we come in. We’ve found the best South Africa online casino VIP programmes so you don’t have to invest time – you can just invest in your playing right away. Check out our reviews and feature guides so that you’ll learn which programme and online casino in general is right for you.

What are VIP games?

VIP games are used as additional rewards for players who bet a certain amount of money and get a higher ranking in the reward program at an online casino. Very active users will be able to benefit from exclusive games or some special features for their favourite titles, such as higher limits.

What games are offered?

This depends on the online casino and its available collection. You can expect to find some great games if the VIP system has exclusives for the higher ranking customers and it is certainly worth checking out.

How do I become eligible?

You can get exclusive games and other VIP rewards by simply betting real money on the games. This will generate special points at the online casino which can be known as loyalty points, reward points, comp points or have other titles. No matter the name, their role is to reward South African players based on how much they bet. Reaching a certain level of points per month will move you up in the corresponding VIP level and the rewards get better with each upgrade.

What benefits are on offer?

VIP programs can offer better deposit bonuses, higher betting limits, a personal assistant, free tickets, exclusive promotions, better rates for earning and exchanging points, all sorts of gifts and more.

Is there a minimum spend required?

Once you reach one of the higher levels within a reward program, you will normally have to earn at least a set amount of points every month to maintain your position. This can differ from one online casino to another but the minimum requirements are usually listed clearly.

What casinos have VIP members?

Pretty much all of the good online casinos nowadays have solid reward programs where the active players get all the benefits of being a VIP. We have of course top recommendations where you can become a VIP member and get all the rewards that come with it.

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