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One of the best ways for South African real money players to make the most out of their time playing online casino games is to earn and use player points.

If you want to know more about this great way of exploiting the house and collecting rewards from your online casino just for playing your favourite games, then read on to check out our guide to casino online reward programs.

  • Many online gaming sites offer VIP programs where you earn points as you play
  • VIP programs can offer bonuses, free concert tickets, exclusive games and more
  • Not all VIP programs are equal. Check out different VIP programs to make the most of your online gaming experience.

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What Are Player Points?

VIP programs reward player loyalty and must be taken advantage of at every opportunity.

Player points can sometimes be called VIP points, reward points, loyalty points or comp points but although the name might vary, the principal and mechanics of player points is always the same.

Player points are points you earn every time you play any casino games on your chosen gambling website. The points can be swapped for rewards like real cash bonuses, gadgets, clothes and even cars and holidays in South Africa and abroad.

The Basics Of Online Casino VIP Programs

Casinos often combine their player points system with their VIP programs and they also usually split players into different groups that represent how much they play. For example, someone who spends over $500 of real money gambling each day will be put in the VIP group. Whereas, someone who only bets $5 a day will be put in the lowest regular group.

What player group you are assigned to is decided by the Internet casino you’re playing at, based on how much you play but your player group will also determine how many points you earn for each dollar or rand you bet.

The lowest player group will get something like 1 point for every dollar wagered, while VIPs can collect up to double or triple the amount of points on their real cash bets placed from SA.

Vip Casinos

VIP Rewards

On top of being given better point exchange rates, VIPs are treated to lots of exclusive benefits and rewards that normal South African real money players don’t get.

Here are the kinds of rewards you can expect as a VIP at the best online casinos in SA:

  • A dedicated personal host.
  • Free concert and event tickets.
  • VIP only on-site promotions.
  • Exclusive games.
  • Extra real cash bonuses.
Vip Casinos

Not All Online Casino Points Are Equal

You know how not all store cards in South Africa are the same? At some stores you get loads of loyalty points for spending $10 but at other stores $10 won’t even earn you one point. It’s the same with online casinos.

You should really make sure that you’ve contrasted and compared the player point values and availability at a few casinos, rather than just joining up the first South African casino you happen to come across on the Internet.

All of the best SA real cash casino websites display detailed information about their points systems and loyalty programs. You can normally find the low down on player points in a section called ‘player rewards’ or something similar.

Remember though, we’ve evaluated the reward programs at all the top online casinos for South African players in our casino review section. Using the information we’ve already gathered will save you a whole heap of time researching casino player points systems on the Internet.

Head to our best online casino reviews now, pick the site you like the most, go to the casino and sign up. Once you’ve done that you’ll start earning player points straight away and before you know it you’ll have enough of them to swap for a real cash reward!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are VIP games?

    VIP games are used as additional rewards for players who bet a certain amount of money and get a higher ranking in the reward program at an online casino. Very active users will be able to benefit from exclusive games or some special features for their favourite titles, such as higher limits.

  • What games are offered?

    This depends on the online casino and its available collection. You can expect to find some great games if the VIP system has exclusives for the higher ranking customers and it is certainly worth checking out.

  • How do I become eligible?

    You can get exclusive games and other VIP rewards by simply betting real money on the games. This will generate special points at the online casino which can be known as loyalty points, reward points, comp points or have other titles. No matter the name, their role is to reward South African players based on how much they bet. Reaching a certain level of points per month will move you up in the corresponding VIP level and the rewards get better with each upgrade.

  • What benefits are on offer?

    VIP programs can offer better deposit bonuses, higher betting limits, a personal assistant, free tickets, exclusive promotions, better rates for earning and exchanging points, all sorts of gifts and more.

  • Is there a minimum spend required?

    Once you reach one of the higher levels within a reward program, you will normally have to earn at least a set amount of points every month to maintain your position. This can differ from one online casino to another but the minimum requirements are usually listed clearly.

  • What casinos have VIP members?

    Pretty much all of the good online casinos nowadays have solid reward programs where the active players get all the benefits of being a VIP. We have of course top recommendations where you can become a VIP member and get all the rewards that come with it.