Guide to Online Casino Deposits

Ultimate SA Online Casino Deposit Guide

One of the most important aspects to online gaming, which includes online casino gaming and online poker playing, has to do with getting your money into your online account safely and efficiently. We’ve all heard horror stories of people losing money online either due to dodgy online payment methods or unsecured online sites that are vulnerable to hackers, malware, identity theft and more.

The trouble is that there are literally thousands of online gambling sites on the web at this very moment which can be enormously overwhelming for new players. It is all too easy to get duped into signing up and making a deposit with an online gambling site simply because they offer a tempting (often too good to be true) sign up bonus.

Most of the time, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. This is why it is critically important to consult an online resource that can guide you to making the best possible decision with regards who to sign up with, what deposit method best suits your needs and even how to go about making your deposits safely and securely. This is where an expert online resource such as can be invaluable in making all of these critically important decisions so that you can enjoy a positive and rewarding online casino experience.

How is it Safe?

Before deciding on any specific online deposit method or even how to go about making an online deposit, the most immediate question is how safe is the online casino that you have chosen? This is why it is important to read as many reviews about the online casino as you can, visit gambling forums and find out what real users actually think of an online casino before you make your next move.

Alternatively you can simply choose one of the online casinos that we have already pre-selected for the South African market. Each one of these online casino options have already been thoroughly scrutinized and vetted for specific features including secure banking. Each online casino on the list uses the latest in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) end to end encryption technology to ensure maximum online safety and security.

This is the same sort of encryption technology that all international financial institutions and banks use to secure their online banking and transacting. This means that you can be absolutely sure that uploading funds or withdrawing winnings is absolutely secure during these processes. You can also be sure that your sensitive banking details including credit card information for example is encrypted and no third party can ‘hack’ into these details.

Making a secure online casino deposit is actually much easier than you may have thought and, depending on your preferred payment option, can be completed within a few seconds.

Popular Online Deposits

Currently, not all widely accepted or popular online deposit methods are available to South African online casinos due to various regulations or policies. However, there are still plenty of top, international methods available, making the available options flexible enough to suit just about any need or preference. It should be noted that certain popular online payment options such as PayPal are not currently available to South African online casino players, although the method can be used for most non-casino payments for SA users.

With that said, here are a list of top online casino payment brand and methods, along with a brief description and background to each.

How to Make an Online Deposit

Making a secure online casino deposit is actually much easier than you may have thought and, depending on your preferred payment option, can be completed within a few seconds. Virtually all of the popular deposit methods that we have listed here offer instant deposit times.

To make a deposit to your online casino account, simply log into your online casino and click on the banking icon. Depending on the design of the online casino, you may have to navigate to the cashier section to find the various deposit methods that are available to you.

Once you are on the banking or cashier page, simply scroll down to the banking option that you prefer and click on the icon. You will now open a separate page where you can enter your relevant details, again, depending on the preferred method. Fill in the amount that you wish to deposit and click on the ‘proceed’ or ‘ok’ button to complete the transaction.

With some deposit methods, you will open a pop up or separate page that requires you to log into your payment method (PayPal, EntroPay and so on). Follow the instructions of your preferred payment method to compete that part of the process. While it may sound complicated or time consuming, the entire process really only takes a few seconds to complete and is very straightforward.

Final Thoughts on Deposit Methods

Hopefully our easy to follow deposit guide to South African online casinos has helped you to easily identify top payment methods and will also help you to easily pick the best one for your particular needs. Making deposits to your online casino account needn’t be a stressful and daunting task and, by simply following our deposit guide, combined with picking one of our recommended SA online casinos, you should be making stress-free instant deposits and getting on with the fun of playing top casino games for real money.

How do I deposit at a casino?

Depositing at a casino is really easy. You just need to head to the banking section of the site, and then pick which option is best for you. After filling in a few details, you should confirm the transaction. The money should then be available in your account within a matter of seconds.

What depositing options are there?

There are loads, however the most popular throughout the world is credit/debit card. If you would prefer to use an e-wallet, you can choose from Skrill and Neteller, amongst others, plus you’ll also be able to deposit at many sites using PayPal and Paysafecard.

How fast are casino deposits?

It is usually the case that deposits are placed into your account instantly, so you don’t have to wait to play your favourite games. There can occasionally be a slight delay though, while the payment company checks to ensure everything is legitimate with the transaction. Bank transfers and cheque deposits will take longer though.

Does it cost money to deposit funds?

When you play at a casino we recommend, you won’t need to pay anything in order to deposit money. We do encourage you to double check though, as some casinos do have fees for depositing using certain methods.

What’s the best depositing option?

This depends. If you’re looking for speed and convenience, credit/debit card really can’t be beaten, however if you’re concerned about sharing card details with a casino, e-wallets are often a good choice. Those not wanting to enter banking details anywhere online often opt to use Paysafecard for their deposits.

Is it safe to deposit cash at a casino?

All the casinos we have recommended have been checked thoroughly for security, and are regulated by a reputable external organization. So, depositing money at a recommended online casino is completely safe.

Can I get bonuses when I deposit?

You sure can. Most online casinos offer great welcome bonuses to players, which add an extra percentage onto the first deposit made at a site, plus many casinos also offer reload bonuses, which add extra funds to all subsequent deposits. Some payment methods are omitted from bonuses though, so check the small print before depositing.