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South Africa's Top Live Blackjack Casinos 2024

If you love a good game of blackjack, then you will definitely be even more excited if you try online casino live dealer blackjack. South Africans can now also enjoy this live dealer game, which combines the best elements of both traditional online and land based casinos.

Live Dealer blackjack brings the casino experience to your living room as a live, certified croupier is used to deal and handle the game. You can also see your and interact with your opponents!

We here at have scoured the internet for you to find the best places to play live dealer blackjack in South Africa. Our top picks, such as Springbok Casino, will give you the best experiences and the best bonuses to go along with it.

Play Blackjack Online with a Live Dealer

  • Live dealing inspires confidence in the dealing process
  • Adds an exciting dimension to playing online
  • Find the best sites for live dealer online blackjack

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  • Payout: 98.3%
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Welcome Bonus


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Live Blackjack

We only find the top online casino South Africa Live Dealer Blackjack games

There are several live dealer blackjack options for South African players in 2024, but not all of these can be trusted. Just like traditional Internet casinos, players should not immediately sign up to the first online live casino that they find.

Luckily, our team of experts have a fantastic track record of finding the top quality online live dealer blackjack games. We only list those live blackjack websites that offer the best welcome bonuses and promotions, and the ones that have the fastest payouts.

Furthermore, ZA players can also be guaranteed that they will find online casino live blackjack games that have the most professional and friendly dealers in the business. We want to make sure that players in South Africa only play at sites offering the best experience out there!

Live dealer blackjack is the best thing to happen to online gambling since the launch of the Internet.

How To Play

Live dealer blackjack is the best thing to happen to online gambling since the launch of the Internet. Real money live dealer blackjack games have the same basic rules as blackjack, where you receive two cards in your hand and the dealer receives a face up card and a face down card. The ultimate aim is to get the value of your cards up to 21 in order to win the game.

The only difference between other types of blackjack and live dealer blackjack is that your cards will be dealt by an actual live dealer and that you can interact with him or her through the audio and video feed.

When you start a game of live blackjack, the dealer will deal out your and his cards. When it is your turn, you can either hit (ask for another card) or stand (not take any cards). Choosing what to do lies mostly on your chosen strategy and being able to understand your odds of besting the dealer's hand, so keep on reading to find out how!

Live Blackjack

Tips on placing bets and understanding odds

If this is your first experience playing blackjack, we do not blame you for getting flustered with understanding how this game's odds work. The reality is that players that understand how casino online live dealer blackjack odds work will have a greater edge on the house to win top real money prizes. Blackjack is a numbers game, so the trick is to see whether your next card or the dealer's next card will cause either to bust their hand.

In addition to familiarising yourself with odds, knowing when to place bets will also be an important thing to increase your chances of landing top real cash prizes. ZA players can choose to either place flat bets, where they bet the same amount each time, or they can use progressive bets where they vary their bets as they please.

Finding the right Strategy

If you truly want to succeed and become an online live dealer blackjack pro, you need to find a good strategy. Players in South Africa can find several strategies that they can apply when they are playing a casino online live dealer blackjack game. A good starting point would definitely be getting your hands on a universal strategy chart to get you started. Beginners can take a look at this chart in order to understand how to make decisions when playing live dealer blackjack. They can then take their time testing this out in free live dealer blackjack games before they start playing casino online live dealer blackjack for real money. If you want to become one of the best, you need to take your time and practice your strategy!


Casino online live dealer blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games in South Africa. The rules are simple to understand, and once you find your strategy you can be on your way to some big real money winnings. ZA players can simply visit our list of the absolute best online casino live dealer blackjack sites and start winning today.

How does live blackjack work?

Live blackjack can be played by South African players at online casinos by simply taking a seat at a table. A live stream will be presented of the dealer and the table, while bets can be made on the casino interface that covers the actual table on the video.

When the betting round is over, the dealer will deal the cards and scan them in the process in order to send the results to the online casino. The dealer will then turn to each player position and ask for the next desired move. Once everyone has the played their hands, she will turn over the dealer cards and compare the results in order to award the wins.

Is it safe to play?

Online casinos provide flawless security and this includes the action at live dealer games so there is no need to worry about it as long as you opt for a recommended website.

How popular is it?

Blackjack is the most popular live dealer game among players in SA since seeing the other cards on the table can help make the right decision and thus improve the odds.

Can I play at any time of day?

Yes, you can play live blackjack whenever you want to as casinos have tables for it available at every hour of the day.

Are the games mobile compatible?

Online casinos which have mobile platforms usually include live dealer games as well. This allows users to place their bets with a touch the screen while following the action wherever they go.

Is it possible to trial live games?

Live blackjack can have demo versions at online casinos but since a table has a limited number of seats, customers using real money are generally the priority.

Can I use a system or strategy?

You can use the same strategy for live dealer blackjack as you would for the standard online version. However, the system can actually be improved since you have more information available with more players at the table having their cards visible. Make sure to consider this as well when using basic strategy.

Are the games rigged?

They are certainly not. Live blackjack has rules and regulations to ensure that no hands are rigged or predictable in any way. As a result, there are multiple decks of cards used at the same time and they are shuffled quite often.

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