Sports Betting

Online Sports Betting in South Africa

As sports like cricket, rugby and soccer become more and more popular in South Africa, so does betting on them! If you’re a sports fan (no matter what you’re into) and you fancy trying your hand at putting your sports knowledge to good use, then online casino sports betting could be just the thing for you in 2024.

Our recommended casinos such as Europa Casino offer the best places to put your sporting knowledge to use, and start earning some real money while watching your favourite game.

  • A large variety of tournaments and sporting events to suit your betting needs
  • Safe and Secure deposit and withdrawal options
  • Quick payouts to keep your bankroll moving

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Combine Your Knowledge of Odds and Sports and Experience the Thrill of Sports betting

Sports betting requires both knowledge of odds and sports. Do you have what it takes to make real money on Sports betting in 2024? Here we show you how to play and the best sites to check out.

  • Understand the odds and make them work for you
  • Understand how Sports betting sites work
  • Find the best sites to play for South Africans
Sports Betting

The Best Sports betting Casino Sites in South Africa, 2024

To ensure that we recommend the best sportbetting options, our team reviews each sports betting online casino rigorously according to an important set of criteria. These include:

  • Licensing and reputation. We ensure that all of the online sports betting casino sites we recommend are fully licensed in a legal jurisdiction and well reputed by the online casino members who already use it.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals. Any site that offers online betting services should also provide a full and extensive list of popular South Africa methods for depositing and withdrawing cash. We guarantee that all the casino online sports betting venues that we recommend provide you with the option to use ZAR as well as a speedy withdrawal rate when you do hit gold (just like your favourite runner!) We will also ensure that the site offers an affordable minimum deposit rate, so you don’t miss out on any winnings.
  • Bonuses. The majority of online casino sports betting options offer a welcome bonus for first time bettors, however these can be rather tricky. Many sportsbooks will cap the winnings that you may gain through using a bonus as well as hiking up the minimum deposit. To make sure you don’t have this problem we have found casinos online that offer reasonable welcome bonuses – so you can enjoy the free cash without any hang-ups.
  • Customer Service. What is a good online betting site without good customer service? The online casino sports betting sites in South Africa we recommend all offer a full complement of customer service options including a selection of the following: 24/7 phone help, online chat, email, letter, and/or a web form.

Sports and gambling. If there's a better marriage of things we love online, we've yet to find it!

What is Sports betting?

As the name suggests, sports betting is about betting on sports. There really aren’t many restrictions on what sports you can bet on in 2024. Most sportsbooks provide a range that moves from popular sports in South Africa such as rugby, cricket, football, soccer, boxing, basketball, MMA and tennis, to niche sports like bowls, snooker, darts, motor sports, horse racing, squash and water polo. You get a few bets that are exclusive to online sports betting, such as virtual sports bets.

Amongst the online casino sports betting options we’ve reviewed, we’ve sought out the best SA sites that offer the same extensive range of sports to bet on as a standard sportsbook would – so you can make some real money from your favourite sport, no matter what that sport may be!

Sports Betting

Betting Odds

Learning how to play the odds is the one skill you need to make the most out of sports betting. The first thing you need to learn in order to do this is how betting odds work.

Most betting odds are presented as a fraction, for example, 4/1. The first of these numbers represents your profit, whilst the second represents your stake. So, if you bet 1 ZAR and won you would receive 4 ZAR as winnings. You would also receive your original 1 ZAR stake back, so your total would be 5 ZAR. For decimal odds, this would simply be presented as 5 because the number takes into account the 1 ZAR stake and simply demonstrates the 5 ZAR you would receive back if you won.

To find the odds that work in your favour, it’s useful to think about them as a percentage. So, from the decimal odds 1 divided by 5 is 0.2, or 20%. If you think that a team or person has a 50% likelihood of winning their game, then this is a good bet to place. If you only think there is a 5% chance of that team or person winning, then this would be a bad bet to place.

How you decide whether or not a team is likely to win is based upon your own knowledge of the sport.

In addition to these basics, you can also find a huge variety of other types of bets on South African and international sports, allowing you to make wagers like point spreads, moneyline bets, over/under betting, special bets or future bets.

Play at the Best Sports betting Online Casinos in ZA!

Choose from our select range of top sports betting online casino sites today to make some real cash from your favourite games – it’s as simple as clicking the mouse!

Where can I play?

You can place sports bets at any of the presented bookmakers on this website without having to worry about anything. Each entry has been carefully reviewed to make sure that it deserves to be considered one of the best in business.

Which sites are best?

The very best of the bunch get their own distinction right here on the site, and we have a short list which is dedicated to the leading sportsbooks for players in South Africa.

What sports can I bet on?

You can easily place bets on football, rugby, cricket and other sports since the top online betting websites cover almost every popular sport in the world.

What sports are popular in South Africa?

Football is the most popular sport in South Africa but rugby and cricket certainly have large followings as well. Other popular sports include swimming, tennis and boxing.

Can I make money sports betting?

Yes, you can make money by placing bets on sports. This is usually the goal in sports betting and you can win money and make a profit in the long run by using your knowledge of the sport, along with a bit of luck.

How much can be won?

Each bet comes with betting odds that will determine the size of the payout based on the money you wagered. Multiple bets can be combined on one ticket to increase the payout even further while decreasing the chance of winning. For example, a bet of R100 at odds of 4.0 will result in a win of R800.

Can I use a system?

Yes, you can try out different betting systems to see which one compliments your betting style the most. You can also make your own system through experience and knowledge of the game.

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